I Am A Strong Woman, But I Do Not Like Making The First Move


Nowadays, women are often perceived as strong and independent. Some people think this quality should extend to dating, where women should feel comfortable making the first move. However, despite being a fearless female in my career and independence, I am hesitant to initiate things with a man. This is because...

1. If He Hasn't Made A Move, It's Safe To Assume He's Not Interested

Men are typically forthright when expressing interest in a woman. Pursuing women comes naturally to them, so if a guy hasn't shown interest, he's probably not attracted to her.

2. We Can Safely And Subtly Show Our Interest By Flirting

Flirting can be an enjoyable and harmless way to show a guy that you're interested without risking rejection or embarrassment by asking him out.

3. We Don't Want To Run The Risk Of Being Used As A Cheap Hookup

If you're interested in a guy who doesn't reciprocate your feelings, there's a possibility he may still agree to go out with you because he sees the potential for sex. However, nobody wants to be used as a booty call while he's searching for someone "better."

4. Being Pursued Is Awesome

In my opinion, a strong man is the ideal partner for a strong woman. These men are typically the type who pursue women and make them feel valued and beautiful. There's nothing wrong with enjoying this kind of attention.

5. Chivalry Isn't Dead

Although women are making strides in the business world, not all of us desire to take on leadership roles. In fact, constantly being in charge can make us yearn for a chivalrous man to ask us out and perform kind gestures like opening doors.

6. Making The First Move Is Scary

Approaching someone or making the first move can be daunting, especially if the person is hard to read. However, you don't always have to be the bold one. Sometimes, it's okay to wait and see how things develop.

7. Guys Who Pursue Are More Romantic

Men who are romantic and show interest in the early stages of a relationship are more likely to make better long-term partners for those of us who value romance. If a guy is indifferent and doesn't even ask you out at the beginning, chances are he'll continue to be indifferent about your relationship as time goes on.

8. They're Also More Passionate, Which Can Mean Better Sex

If a man has invested time and effort in pursuing you, it's a sign of his passion for you. Passion is alluring and can enhance sexual intimacy. Enjoy being the object of his affection.

9. If He Romantically Pursues You, It's More Likely That He Wants Something Real

Naturally, we must allow a small room for error concerning players who feign genuine interest to gain a single favor. Nevertheless, in general, individuals who demonstrate actual romantic gestures are typically not commitment-phobic and potentially deserving of your attention.