I Am A Strong, Independent Woman But I Still Like Being Taken Care Of

Although many assume that single, successful women are too busy and focused to care about relationships, it's important to recognize that being independent and strong doesn't necessarily mean being alone. It's possible to be self-sufficient and still have fulfilling relationships. Here are eight reasons why single boss ladies can enjoy the best of both worlds.

1. Queens deserve royal treatment

Being in a relationship with a successful man doesn't diminish your power, and it's okay to enjoy being pampered. A healthy relationship involves mutual give-and-take, where both partners bring their own strengths to the table. You can both be strong and capable, and alternate responsibilities, or maintain your independence while still enjoying companionship and intimacy with each other.


2. It makes you feel noticed

Sure, I can take care of my car's maintenance needs, like regular oil changes. But when a guy steps in and says, "Hey babe, I washed your car and filled up the gas tank," it's everything. It doesn't mean I can't take care of myself, but having someone who looks out for me and pays attention to the small details of my life provides a different kind of security and satisfaction.


3. You won't be left out of the world of husbands and boos anymore

I understand that comparison is not healthy, and we shouldn't compare ourselves to others as it steals our joy and the grass is not always greener. However, as human beings, we naturally take notice of those around us. Even if we are successful and achieving our goals, it's difficult not to feel a certain way when we see other women having their needs met by a man.


4. It's the traditional way

I understand that we're living in progressive times where gender roles are being redefined, and that's a good thing. However, personally, I still find it attractive when a man embodies the traditional dominant alpha male persona. In my day-to-day life, I'm achieving great things, but when it comes to my romantic relationships, I prefer to be led by a man. It's not about using him for money or acts of service, but rather about respecting his ego.


5. It can make you be more giving

Building on my previous point, some men nowadays assume that wanting to be taken care of means wanting them to pay for everything or not work. However, to me, a man who wants to take care of his partner shows maturity, responsibility, and thoughtfulness. He's not playing games, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to support his woman and family. This quality in a man is incredibly attractive, and it trumps looks and sexual performance any day. I feel motivated to give back as much as possible to a man who takes care of me. The more he does for me, the more I want to find ways to make his life easier and treat him well in return.


6. It shows he's sincere

Just like guys don't want to be taken advantage of, neither do I. I'm tired of ending up with men who see my stability and ambition as a way to ride my success coattails. Some guys have no shame in "borrowing" your money, your car, and your home while they sit around playing video games all day and drinking excessively. When a man comes to me with a plan to ensure my well-being, it demonstrates that he has his life together and isn't trying to take advantage of mine.


7. It preserves your energy

While it's possible to do everything on your own, why stretch yourself too thin? Partnering up with someone can boost productivity and provide access to a larger pool of resources, both in terms of abilities and finances. Two heads are better than one, so you have twice the ability to accomplish things. Why not enjoy having your back scratched to keep you motivated while you work towards your goals? Additionally, no matter how capable you are on your own, you're bound to encounter setbacks or become ill at some point. Being taken care of in the short term can help both of you in the long run.


8. It makes you proud

I want to be able to look at my partner and feel that special connection where I think to myself, "that's my person." Being pampered by my partner can make me incredibly happy and even give me butterflies. It's a unique kind of closeness when your partner understands your desires and fulfills your needs. Let's be real, who doesn't secretly desire a "zaddy" to take care of them?