I Am A Straight Woman With A Bisexual Boyfriend And It Is The Best Relationship Ever


I had only ever dated straight guys before my current boyfriend, who is bisexual. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turns out that our relationship is the most rewarding one I have ever had. Here's why.

1. We Bond Over Attractive Guys

In previous relationships, my attraction to other guys would make my partner uncomfortable. However, with my current boyfriend, it brings us closer. We have a similar taste in men, and being able to openly discuss our attraction to other people is something I can't imagine living without now.

2. Sex Is So Much Better

Dating a bisexual person of any gender is incredibly liberating because there are no heteronormative expectations. We make our own rules and explore our chemistry based solely on each other. Our relationship is unique to us, and we continue to find new ways to keep it interesting.

3. He's Really Conscious About Not Being "One Of Those Guys"

My boyfriend's experience dating both guys and girls has made him aware of avoiding the stereotypical "straight male boyfriend" persona when he's in a relationship with a woman. I realized how unequal my previous relationships were when I noticed how equal I feel to my boyfriend in every aspect of life. It's a refreshing change.

4. He's A Lot More Open-Minded

Despite facing prejudice throughout his life due to his sexuality, my boyfriend is the least judgmental person I know. He always manages to give people the benefit of the doubt. My boyfriend's example has helped me to be even more accepting of others, even though I tend to be pretty open-minded already.

5. He's Even More Of A Feminist Than I Am

I used to identify myself as a die-hard feminist, but it wasn't until I started dating my boyfriend that I realized how moderate I was. He's dated both men and women and has seen firsthand how women are often treated by their male partners. He has also seen how outrageous and regressive a patriarchal society can be, which has opened my eyes even more.

6. We're Best Friends

Perhaps the reason for our strong bond is that my boyfriend and I share many commonalities, which I never experienced with my heterosexual ex-partners. We not only share a romantic connection but also a deep friendship. We confide in each other about everything, trust each other implicitly, and share similar interests. Being able to have a significant other who is also a best friend is something that I had always hoped for but never found until now.

7. I'm A Lot More Conscious Of The Bias Bisexual People Have To Endure

I have known friends and family who identified as gay or bisexual. However, it wasn't until I started dating my boyfriend that I truly grasped the extent of discrimination that they face daily from all directions. Bisexuals frequently face prejudice from both the gay and straight communities, with many assuming that bisexuality is simply a guise for homosexuality. This misconception can be frustrating and tiring for those who are constantly questioned about their sexual identity, causing significant emotional strain.

8. People Ask Me A Lot Of Stupid Questions

As the partner of a bisexual man, I've been designated as the explainer-in-chief to all the straight people who don't know much about non-straight individuals. It's a huge responsibility, especially when I'm asked offensive and idiotic questions like "Did you make him straight?" or "Is it like gay sex but with a man and a woman?" In these situations, I'm inclined to become violent, but my boyfriend responds with the utmost politeness as he's more accustomed to this kind of ignorance.

9. Being Supportive Goes A Long Way

Regardless of how self-confident and diplomatic my boyfriend may be, he sometimes feels the pressure of societal prejudice and lack of understanding towards our relationship and his sexuality. All I can do is be there for him, offer support, and let him know that I'll be with him no matter what. This is what truly matters in a relationship- being present, showing up, and supporting the ones you love.

10. We're Stronger Because Of Our Differences

The scrutiny and differences in our sexual orientations have made us experts in communication. We talk about everything and check in with each other even when things are going well. Every relationship should be built on a strong foundation of communication, but my boyfriend and I take it to the next level. That's why we're so close and devoted to each other.