I Accidentally Went For A Massage In The Wrong Kind Of Massage Parlor

During my vacation in Spain with my boyfriend, we opted for a massage to ease my travel anxiety, which had been exacerbated by the trip's rough patches. However, we were in for a surprise as we ended up receiving more than what we had initially anticipated.

1. Having a massage is something I wouldn't usually even consider at home

Though I've always been a little uneasy about having to undress in front of strangers, I decided to give it a try while on vacation to help myself and my partner relax. After all, what harm could come from trying?

2. We found a pretty normal-looking massage place while we were just wandering around

The establishment appeared harmless, with its colorful and lively exterior. There were no ominous entrances, age restrictions, dim lights, or heavy curtains inside. At the time, I wasn't thinking about this, but rather how much clothing I would need to remove. I had worn my presentable undergarments (the ones without any blemishes or tears) and was hoping that I wouldn't have to disrobe completely.

3. We were greeted and shown to a room with only curtains between the massage tables

The masseuse instructed me to remove only the top part of my clothing, leaving my undergarment bottoms on. She handed me a towel to cover myself and looked away as I undressed. Once I lay down, I secured the towel at my sides to prevent any awkward wardrobe malfunctions. The irony of getting a massage to reduce anxiety was not lost on me as I found myself feeling more tense than before.

4. I heard my boyfriend say, "Everything off? Oh, OK"

Suddenly, I heard a creaking sound from the other couch where my partner lay. What was happening? Why was he naked? He had been wearing boxers before. Was that a problem? I speculated that maybe my bikini briefs were more challenging to work around, which was why I was allowed to keep them on. However, I didn't quite believe my own reasoning. There was an uneasy feeling in the air, and something about the situation felt strange and uncomfortable.

5. I knew it wasn't going to be even slightly relaxing

The two women on the other side of the curtain were conversing in a language that sounded like Thai, and I couldn't help but wonder if they were talking about us. Was it our fair British complexions that drew their attention? I tried not to let my mind wander too much and dismissed the thought as paranoia. I was there to unwind, and I needed to keep reminding myself of that.

6. I tried to clear my mind, but not thinking about anything is impossible so I tried to think of ocean waves

After only a brief moment, the masseuse instructed me to turn over as I had been lying on my back instead of my front. I quickly adjusted myself under the towel, being careful not to expose anything. The masseuse then pulled down the towel and secured it into the top of my undergarment, leaving my buttocks exposed. Though it felt slightly uncomfortable, I assumed that this was just a normal part of the massage process and tried to relax.

7. I haven't had many massages, but I knew this one was bad

The massage was awful. It felt like a child could have done a better job. The pressure was inconsistent, at times too hard and then too soft. It was as if she was rushing through the motions rather than trying to relax me. To make matters worse, she even massaged the top of my backside, making me feel incredibly uncomfortable. As she worked on my legs, I overheard a voice from behind the curtain. My boyfriend didn't seem to hear it, so he asked her to repeat herself, and I heard the request clearly the second time.

8. "You want full service?"

After an uncomfortable silence, the masseuse whispered "blowjob". I was in disbelief, especially since there was only a thin curtain separating us. Unsure if I had heard correctly, I remained lying on the massage table, staring up at the ceiling. The awkwardness was palpable until my boyfriend broke the silence, politely declining her proposition. I heard the couch creak, and I wondered if he had left in disgust.

9. The masseuse was now moving to my stomach, pulling the towel and my knickers down to barely cover my pubes

I recoiled in shock. Was I going to be offered additional services too? I began to question if there were any indications when we arrived that this was that kind of massage parlor. Had I missed any obvious clues? Would we be charged a ridiculous amount for a happy ending we never even wanted?

10. She quickly finished off but seemed disgruntled

She hastily pulled up my towel and disappeared behind the curtain. Though they spoke in low voices, I could still make out their conversation. She offered my boyfriend a "full service" since he had paid for it, and asked if he would prefer a different masseuse. My boyfriend's voice grew strained as he adamantly refused, "I don't need any extra services. I'm not paying for them."

11. The exchange went back and forth for way too long

I swiftly dressed up and drew the curtain. My boyfriend was sitting on the bed, looking puzzled, wrapped in a towel. "What's happening?" I asked. The two women looked ashamed. I suggested we should leave, and both women seemed unhappy and departed the room a minute later. When my boyfriend finished getting dressed, we headed to the reception area.

12. I was determined that we were not going to pay anything more than the normal massage rate

I counted the money and laid it on the counter. The masseuse, with a glare, snatched it up from the counter. We bid farewell and left as quickly as possible, eager to put some distance between ourselves and that place.

13. We went for a few drinks to relax, which worked a lot better than the massage

We felt foolish for not realizing the type of massage place it was, but we decided not to look for another one. The experience brought us closer because we had an interesting story to tell. The rest of the vacation was more relaxing, and my boyfriend and I indulged in some "extra services" from each other!