Husband's Use Of Nickname 'ST' For Wife In Texts With Friends Sparks Divorce

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When a woman discovered that her husband had been using a hurtful nickname for her in his text messages to friends, she began to consider divorce as a possible solution.

Couples end their marriages for various reasons, like cheating or a lack of commitment. However, for this woman, her trust was shattered when she read through her husband's text messages.

She shared her story on Reddit, explaining that she came across text conversations between her husband and his friends where they referred to her as 'ST.'


The woman wrote: "My phone died right as I was texting my mom about something rather important so my husband let me use his."

"As I was typing, a banner popped up with a text from one of his friends to their group chat, saying to the effect of 'Hey (Husband), do you and ST still want to (Halloween plan we'd talked about)?'."

The woman made it clear that 'ST' is not a shortening of her name, and her friends have never used that term to address her.


"I showed him the chat and asked what it stood for," she continued.

"He looked suddenly really flustered. He grabbed his phone back and said 'Oh, uhh it's nothing, just a nickname'."

"OK? Well, what's it stand for? He literally wouldn't tell me… he just kept saying 'Don't worry about it'."

The woman continued, sharing that her husband had claimed 'ST' stood for 'Super Terrific,' a explanation she clearly found unconvincing.


In the comments, many people speculated that her husband and his friends were actually referring to her as 'Sugar T**s.' However, the real meaning turned out to be even more distressing.

Husband's Use Of Nickname 'ST' For Wife In Texts With Friends Sparks Divorce

A week later, the woman disclosed that there was no positive resolution to the situation, as she had finally learned the true and unpleasant meaning behind 'ST.'

She went on to say: "Ended up getting a text from one of my husband's female friends in his group chat, the day after I posted here."

"Turned out that right after I asked him about the nickname, he told all of them I'd seen it and to stop calling me that."


"She sent me a screenshot of his message which reads verbatim 'Lol o s*** (the woman) just saw that, I'm so screwed hahaha but seriously don't send that anymore. I'm gonna end up in the doghouse (tears of laughter emoji)'."

As it turns out, the husband and his friend had been using the derogatory term 'Sausage T**s' to refer to the woman.

Chocked, the woman shared: "I don't even know how or why it started. I cannot fathom the thought that my husband could have described my b***s in detail to all his friends. And then they thought it sounded hilarious enough to make a nickname out of??"


"I literally don't even know what to feel. I haven't been more humiliated in my life than I am right now."

The woman mentioned that her husband apologized and "promised" that he and his friends wouldn't use that term to describe her anymore. Nevertheless, she couldn't bear to have him near her or let him see her any longer.

To conclude, she added: "No idea how I'll trust him again, realistically speaking this is likely to be another story that ends in divorce. Not even sure if he really gets it or cares."