Husbands Just As Stressful As Children To Their Wives

In families, wives have a disproportionately greater burden, particularly in families with kids. Women have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. In addition to being moms, they have to be devoted wives, expert chefs, and caring and comforting companions.

That probably explains why such women are under so much stress all the time.

But even though there are many reasons women in families can be under stress, few people in our society consider that husbands could be adding to this stress.

Many women don’t see their husbands as a partner but rather another child that drains them of their energy. And why wouldn’t they see things this way when they have to single-handedly take care of practically everything that happens around the home to keep the family from falling apart?

In these unfortunate scenarios, the husband lazes around or seems unconcerned about what it takes to keep a household running smoothly. This leaves the woman to play the role of parent, doctor, maid, teacher, organizer, event planner, and many other responsibilities that get heaped on her due to having an uncooperative partner.

The fact is that women get tired, which was put into perspective in a study showing that women have stress levels of 8.5 out of 10. Of these women, nearly a half (46%) admitted that their partners contributed to the stress more than the kids did!

So, you can imagine the number of women who admitted that the husband added to their stress levels in one way or another.

Among these women, the partner leaves all parenting and household duties to the wife, except that the day is never long enough to accomplish all these responsibilities.

On the surface, it might seem like the woman has everything in order. However, the superwoman you see might be an exhausted woman who uses every ounce of her strength to survive another day of keeping her family’s going.

The impact of these stresses, however, does not weigh on the mothers alone. The health of both partners is affected when one of the partners is affected.

Is there a Way Out?

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.

The first major step is discussing with your partner how various household duties should be divided. The wife and husband can split various responsibilities to help reduce stress. Adjustments to this list should be made from time to time as appropriate.

Wives also need to be more trusting of their partners. There are cases where the women decide to do everything on their own because they don’t trust that their partners can do the job right.

For the man and woman to work as a team, there has to be trust between them. That is the only way the activities on the schedule can be divided fairly.

When there is more than enough time to do all the things a household needs to be accomplished before the end of the day, the wife will be less stressed and will have fewer things to worry about all the time.