Husband Surprises Wife With A Birthday Cake In The Shape Of Her Favorite Thing, An Amazon Delivery Package

A woman was surprised to receive a box that looked like an Amazon package, only to open and find a birthday cake ordered by her husband.

Anyone with Amazon shopping addiction understands the feeling one gets when you see a brown box on your doorstep.

Emily McGuire is an avid Amazon shopper. She expects to receive an Amazon delivery twice every week, and her husband, Mac, noticed his wife's shopaholic tendencies.


So, during her birthday, the husband got the inspiration to commission an Amazon-package-shaped cake from Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina.

Taking to social media, Emily, a photographer, shared a picture of the cake her husband gave her. The cake looks totally identical to an actual, Amazon-stamped cardboard box.

She captioned the photo:

"You know you order from Amazon a little too much if your husband gets this cake."


When she first laid eyes on the cake, Emily said her response was "pure laughter."

In a media interview, the mother of three said:

"As soon as I saw the cake, I was like, 'He gets me.'"

"I felt so understood!"

Mac, who works in the military, doesn't fail to sense humor in his wife's "add to cart" compulsion.

Emily added:

"He just laughs at this point."


A photo of the cake was also shared on Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons Facebook page and has inspired many Amazon enthusiasts. The picture has garnered more than 19,000 shares and 16,000 comments.

One woman commented:

"I definitely want this for my Birthday."

One daughter shared:

"Have to do for moms' birthday for sure. She [gets] one at least every other day."

The co-owner of Sweet Dreams Bakery, Trena Norris, said in an interview that it took them eight hours to complete preparing the cake.


Norris said:

"When we received the message from Mac, I was excited because I like to experiment a lot and I knew this one would be fun."

She added:

"It definitely has been an exciting few days since this went viral. Thank you to Mac and Emily for allowing us to make her birthday a little 'sweeter.' We hope to create more special cakes for them in the future."

But the Amazon-package-shaped cake request isn't the most bizarre order Norris has ever received.


Norris revealed:

"Probably the craziest is one of my favorite families that orders from us every year."

"Her son always gives me a good challenge. One year he wanted a possum cake, red velvet inside."