Husband Refuses To Leave His Wife After Fire Damages Her Looks & Shows Meaning Of Real Commitment

Husband Refuses To Leave His Wife After Fire Damages Her Looks & Shows Meaning Of Real Commitment

Before character and personality, looks are one major force for attraction. Basing a relationship on outward appearance alone is shallow. But how much chemistry a couple has is often hinged on how attractive they find each other.

Without connecting physically, your relationship might be as platonic as that between friends or housemates.

One man, though, did prove that remaining committed to a relationship involves way more than that.

In 2011, Turia Pitt suffered from severe burns that damaged her looks. Her burns made her unrecognizable. But, her lover stood by her through it all.

How It Happened

Turia Pitt was competing in a 100-km ultra-marathon race when she and other competitors got caught in a grassfire in western Australia. They tried to outrun the fire, but it did substantial damage to them all.

65% of Pitt's body was covered in burns. She had to undergo over 200 medical procedures and spent about two years in recovery.

The journey wasn't easy, but she had her partner faithfully weathering the storm with her. She has had to rebuild her life almost from scratch but takes pleasure in sharing her story with others via her platform.

Her Relationship

Her fiancé, Michael Hoskin, stood by her. Before the incident, they had been in a relationship for a year and a half. Ten years later, they are still going strong.

It might have been the easier option to walk away, either immediately or after helping her through it to some extent. But, this exceptional man faced the obstacles thrown Pitt's way with her.

She describes him as a man with "a heart of gold," "real," and "solid."

They proved that their love was genuine and based on something more than physical appearance.

The Daily Mail reported in August 2021 that Pitt was "really proud" of her relationship with Hoskin. She said:

"We've been through something catastrophic and extremely traumatic and, this may sound naff, but we're living our best lives and we're happy."

On her website,, she shared more of her story:

"I was choppered out of the remote desert barely alive, with full thickness burns to 65 percent of my body. I lost seven fingers, had over 200 medical procedures and spent two grueling years in recovery. Surviving against overwhelming odds, I've rebuilt my life and defied every expectation placed on me."

She was placed in a medically induced coma for one month after the incident and even had to wear a full-body compression suit during the two years she spent recovering. But, she did not let these events wear her down.

Pitt has written three best-selling books, coached over 40,000 people through her online programs, and partners with brands she believes in.

Her Accomplishments

She shares her story at conferences and events worldwide, and has helped with fundraising tasks, and is a proud mom to two young boys.

What about her relationship with Hoskin? It wasn't smooth all through, contrary to what many might think. They had their fair share of turbulence but decided to stick together.

Pitt said: "It's really easy to like someone for their good qualities and want to change their not-so-sparkling qualities. We're good at accepting each other for who we are."

They got engaged in 2015, but according to Daily Mail, Hoskin had repurchased the ring in 2011 even while Pitt was in intensive care. They now have a beautiful family together with their adorable sons, Hakavai, 3, and Rahiti, 1.

They truly defied the odds to remain together. Essentially, every marriage faces its share of problems even without a premise like theirs. So, it is admirable that they stuck together through it all, till now.

Recollecting the day of the incident and her thoughts about her mate, Pitt shared a post on her website:

"In September 2011, I was trapped by a grassfire during an ultramarathon."

"This is what I remember."

"I remember the hot Kimberly sun beating down, burning my already burnt skin."

"I remember accidentally sitting on a bull ant nest. Staring in confusion as the ants started swarming across my legs."

"I remember trying to drink some water but spitting it out because it was boiling hot."

"I remember seeing bits of my skin stuck to the rocks and spinifex."

"I remember the small group of us, banded together. The guys trying to construct some shade for Kate and I, a parasol of fluoro material lit up against the sky."

"I remember thinking about Michael, my Michael. I remember telling myself 'Think of his warm face, think of his honey voice, think of his golden skin. Keep thinking about Michael."

Pitt's Life Afterwards

Turia Pitt is a writer, teacher, and coach. She uses her website to inspire others through her story and to share practical advice with her readers.

She has shared a stage with Tony Robbins, sailed around French Polynesia, competed in the Ironman World Championships, and even walked the Kokoda Trek.

Her blog posts dwell on self-improvement, such as tips on building confidence and overcoming self-doubt to DIY methods for getting things done around the home. She even shares regular stuff about herself, some including her awkward moments.

Her books, Happy (and other ridiculous aspirations), Unmasked, and Everything To Live For are bestsellers and great reads.

A Penny For Her Partner's Thoughts

During a Mother's Day feature of the couple's love story, Michael told Now To Love Magazine:

"She doesn't want people to feel sorry for her. She just wants to get on with her life. She's beautiful, you know, she's amazing. She's got crazy energy. She loves the outdoors, she loves the ocean like I do and we were constantly active together."

What about now? They still are and are waxing stronger.