Husband Knocks Out Cheating Wife In One Slap In Front Of Lovers In A Restaurant

husband knocks out ‘cheating wife in one slap in front of lovers’ in restaurant

An angry man was waiting for 20 minutes before he couldn't take it anymore. During that time, he was watching his wife having a bite with her lovers.

According to CCTV footage, the husband went into the restaurant and slapped his wife so hard that she fell right away.

The incident took place inside a popular restaurant in Baoding in China's northern province of Hebei. And here's how it went down.


The husband orders two beers

The man in blue top, or the husband in this story, comes into the restaurant and orders two beers.

Perhaps he was thinking about bringing beers to the lover boys before he changed his mind.

husband knocks out cheating wife in one slap in front of lovers in a restaurant
husband knocks out 'cheating wife in one slap in front of lovers' in restaurant

Moments later, he stops at the table where his wife was sitting with her two mates. Without thinking, he swings, instantly knocking her down.

He then goes to one of the lovers, and starts shouting:

That's my wife!

The lover boy replies:

I know. Please, wait, wait!

But, the husband then attacks him with a jar and continues shouting:

This is my wife! I've been watching outside for 20 minutes!


Who are you? What is your name?

Things get truly uncomfortable, especially for the family sitting not far from the table. You can see them sneaking out before the police arrived.

The aftermath

According to the officials, the police arrived around 9 pm. All three restaurant guests were injured.

It's unclear whether the husband was arrested.


The infidelity is wrong, but so is punching people. If you have the urge to cheat, perhaps you should leave the person you loved.

Check out the video and see why it's always better to walk away than to try playing the cheating game.