Husband Glues Wife's Vagina After She Cheated


Infidelity is something that can ruin relationships and end marriages as well as break hearts.

The way we react to this kind of behavior from our partners varies from one person to the next.

However, one man took it a step further than normal when he decided to glue his wife's vagina shut.

The Husband Admitted His Crime

After the act, the husband admitted that he sealed his wife's private parts shut with superglue. She allegedly cheated on him with four other men.

The man, identified as 36-year-old Dennis Mumo, is from Kitui in southern Kenya. He became aware of his wife's unfaithfulness through social media.

It is reported that whenever Mumo left town on business, his wife would carry on her affairs.

This time, he wanted to be sure that she won't cheat on him again.

Before leaving for Rwanda, he sealed his partner's vagina with superglue.

This left the woman in serious pain and she needed urgent medical care.

husband glues wife's vagina after she cheated

Mumo Arrested

After news spread of the angered husband's act and it horrified his neighbours, he was taken into custody by police officials.

He gave his shocking confession, telling the police that he did it because he wanted to save his marriage.

Mumo added that he has evidence of his wife's affairs with at least four men. The evidence can apparently be found in her sent and received messages.

It is believed that Mumo will have to appear in court on a charge of domestic abuse.

He stands accused of domestic violence with assault as well as damaging his wife's reproductive organs. This attack could leave her infertile.

The Wife's Criminal Charge

According to reports, she will also have to appear in court on a charge of adultery.

Her husband's lawyer wants her to receive 100 lashes for her alleged cheating. He says this will prevent any future misunderstandings between the husband and wife.

This is an ongoing case that will hopefully be sorted out in court.