Husband Doesn't Return Home After Afghanistan, Wife Opens His Laptop After His Funeral And Finds File Hidden From Her

Todd Weaver lost his life to an IED during his second tour of Afghanistan in the year 2010. He was only 26.

But he did leave behind his wife Emma and a little girl named Kiley. Kiley might not remember her dad when she is older, as she was too young when he passed away.

For Emma, the news that her loving husband was no more broke her heart.

After he was brought home and laid to rest, his wife opened his laptop and found something that made her freeze.

P.S. I Love You

She found two files on his laptop. One was titled 'Dear Emma' while the other was labeled 'Dear Kiley.'

Apparently, before Todd passed away, he had written two goodbye letters, and they were very inspirational.

His reassuring words in both his letters were meant to encourage the two after he was gone.

To Emma, his wife, he started by telling her that if she was reading the letter, then he did not make it home to say in person how much he still loved her.

He promised that he was still watching over her and that even though he was not physically there, he would always be there in spirit.

Todd then urged his wife to know that everything went according to God's plan and that he could never have hoped for a more caring, beautiful, and loving wife.

He went on to reminisce about the great memories they had shared and that although it might seem like his life was prematurely ended, it was still a dream come true.

The fallen soldier went on to say that he had married the perfect wife, and he had a perfect daughter who amazed him every day and that he could not have asked for more.

Todd then encouraged her to be strong for her daughter and to remind her that her dad loved her more than anything in the world. He wanted her to know that she was the best thing that ever happened to him. And then he added that the day she was born was the happiest of his life.

Dad's advice to his only daughter

He asked his wife to remind their daughter that her dad was in heaven now and that he would watch over her. Then he concluded by saying that he loved his wife and would like her to do whatever made her happy.

To Kiley, whom he fondly referred to as his sweetie, he had equally beautiful and reassuring words to say.

He pointed out that she might not remember him. Yet he wanted her to know that he loved her and had left for Afghanistan when she was only 9 months old. He admits that it was the hardest thing he ever did and that she was a gift from God.

As he had said to his wife, he assured Kiley that the day she was born was the happiest in his life. He added that he was truly sorry he could not see her grow up. However, he was not gone, as he was in heaven, smiling down on her every day.

Todd went on to reassure his daughter that she was so lucky to have such a good mom. He urged his child to say thanks for all the blessings in her life.

The loving dad advised his daughter to learn as much as possible when she finally got to school. And to grow up to be a loving and caring person, and the world will repay her. But even when things did not go her way, she should put her trust in God.

He assured her that a beautiful future awaited her and that she should have fun and enjoy herself. Otherwise, her dad would always be proud of her.

After reading the letters, Emma claims in an online blog that she found some courage and peace. But that did not make the letters any easier to read.