Weird Story

Husband Discovers His New Wife Is A Man Two Days After Their Wedding

husband discovers that his new wife is a man two days after their wedding

In a hilarious yet shocking twist, a newly married straight man just found out he tied the knot with a man pretending to be a woman. The Indonesian man, Muh, made the discovery two days after their wedding.

For obvious reasons, the story has gone viral, and we have lots of questions.

For instance, how the hell did this happen? And more importantly, why would anyone do this?

How Did The Lovebirds Meet?


Apparently, Muh met the love of his life on Facebook about a month before the wedding. They started dating after they met online.

husband discovers that his new wife is a man two days after their wedding

When the two met in person, Muh was enchanted. After going out with his date for espresso, he was lovestruck by her "delightful and effortless" demeanor.

Soon after, he was sure "she" was The One and he proposed. "She" didn't keep him waiting: she said yes right away.

Armed with the good news, Muh told his family about it, and arrangements to have a wedding began. The 31-year-old was finally going to tie the knot with the love of his life, Mita, 25.


As per the local customs, Muh's family visited Mita's family to make a settlement. The going rate is 20 million rupiahs or the equivalent of about $1,430.

Soon after, the couple had a wedding at the Office of Religious Affairs in Kediri District.

On their wedding day, Mita had most of her face covered. But that is usually the case, so, nobody was concerned.

"She" looked just like a lady about to get married. As they went through the process, nobody had any suspicions about the bride's gender.


The Wedding Night

Problems began when Muh tried to consummate their marriage with his bride on their wedding night. But "nothing happened" on that night.

Then the same thing happened on the second day of their marriage.

At this point, Muh got increasingly suspicious of their lack of "activity" and decided to probe the matter further. Soon, he was shocked beyond belief to discover that Mita was actually a guy.

It is not clear how Mita reacted to being discovered, but Muh's reaction was swift and predictable. He informed his family of the fraud and immediately separated from his "wife."


He felt duped, and in his frustration, he also informed the cops about the incident. The police wasted no time and soon captured the 25-year-old, who turned out to be a man named Adi.

But it's not clear what legal consequences await him for this trickery.

At the moment, the marriage between Muh and Mita might be the shortest in the history of the region.

husband discovers that his new wife is a man two days after their wedding

Even though it's understandable why things didn't work out, it's not clear what this man hoped to achieve by tricking a straight man into marrying him. For example, why would the fraudster's family play along, if that was even his real family that Muh and his folks met?