Hungry Three-Year-Old Orders Huge McDonald's Feast With Mum's Phone

hungry three-year-old orders huge mcdonald’s feast with mum’s phone

Toddler borrows mom's phone and treats himself to $75 worth of McDonald's, including six happy meals, 10 milkshakes, and two sundaes.

We can all agree we sometimes use a small pick-me-up in the form of fast food in these uncertain times.

While most do order takeout often, we probably don't go as far as this little guy, who threw himself a McDonald's feast after getting hold of his mom's phone.

hungry three-year-old orders huge mcdonald's feast with mum's phone

Raissa Andrade, 32, shared a hilarious photo on Instagram of her son Tom proudly sitting at the table after he ordered a huge takeout for himself.

The feast included six happy meals, ten milkshakes, two 12 packs of nuggets, eight bottles of water, and a large French fries with bacon and cheddar.

Of course, there's no way a 3-year-old would forget about dessert. So, he also ordered a couple of ice cream sundaes, McFlurries, apple pies, and grape juice.

Raissa explained that due to the pandemic, her family had been ordering a lot of takeouts. And this cheeky boy saw how his mom placed an order and memorized it.

When his mom's phone was lying around, he took it and then took advantage of promotional offers to request a feast.

The boy even managed to confirm the address for delivery.

Despite the huge order, the boy still wasn't that impressed with the stuff he received. He complained to his mom―having rummaged through all the ten bags―that they didn't deliver his 'yellow minion.'

In addition to this, they had also forgotten Tom's apple pie.

The mom said:

"This is not the first time this has happened."

"Even after this, he said 'mom, the golden minion didn't even come.'"

"I laughed, cried and then sat down to eat and drink a milkshake."

hungry three-year-old orders huge mcdonald's feast with mum's phone

Raissa said that the feast cost her 400 Brazilian real ($75).

Thankfully, the huge takeout didn't end up going to waste, as the mom shared it with her neighbors.

She also explained that her son's hilarious antics lifted her mood as she was earlier having a bad day.

Soon after sharing the photo on social media, it went viral, with many praising the boy's ingenuity.

One person wrote:

"Not all heroes wear capes. What a legend!"

Another added:

"Good on him. Looks like he got a load of specials. He sorted dinner for the family gave mum the night off."

While a third said:

"How clever Mum must be so happy. Ingenious!!"

Others said they have had similar experiences with their kids.

One person said:

'My eight-year-old daughter did something similar to this not long ago. She ordered a bunch of ice creams, pizza, and other sides [using] her sister's laptop!"