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Hungover Woman Poops Herself On Way To Restaurant Loo, Says It's Third Time This Year

hungover woman poops herself on way to restaurant loo, says it’s third time this year

A woman can't hold it and poops in her pants while hungover.

We've all had those hangovers where it feels like the earth is spinning around us, and when you worry, you might crap yourself and throw up, all at the same time.

Also, you get headaches, feel dizzy, and then there's a weird explosive bowel movement. Let's not sugarcoat it; these are not your average poops.

It's at this point where most of us vow never to ever drink again, a promise that doesn't even last a day.


Recently, a woman revealed how hangovers make her hit rock bottom, pooping her pants every time she has one too many.

While driving, in a bid to get to a nearby restaurant before she shits herself, she tells her friend that she couldn't hold it any longer. And she continues to poop in her pants while still in the driver's seat.

What's more, she reveals to her friend that it's the third time she has done it in one year.


The video description on YouTube reads:

"These two girls have been partying for three days, and the driver can't get to the bathroom fast enough."

"She doesn't make it and ends up pooping her pants in the men's bathroom at Del Taco, making it the third time in one year."

Respect to the woman for seeing the funny side of the ordeal and to the friend for having a spare dress on hand to help her friend leave the restaurant with at least a tiny bit of dignity.