Hungover Woman Accidentally Orders Just Two Packets Of Ketchup From McDonald's

hungover woman accidentally orders just two packets of ketchup from mcdonald’s

'Epic McFail': McDonald's delivers just two packets of ketchup to a hungover woman who accidentally ordered a burger with no bun, patty, onions, pickles, or mustard.

Katie Poole was hungover when she decided to order McDonald's, hoping the fast food would make her feel better.

First, she decided to customize the order to her newfound liking but ended up customizing a bit more than she had meant to.


In fact, she customized the order to the extent that she took out all the things that make up a burger, leaving her with just ketchup. And that's what McDonald's delivered to her.

Her husband, Jody Poole, shared the hilarious incident on Instagram.

Posting the receipt from the 'confused order,' Poole wrote:

"So we had a few drinks last night — Katie decides a McDonald's hamburger will cure her hangover."


"Now Katie is the type of person who will make modifications to a classic — 'no pickles, no onions, ' etc."

"So this is what she ordered: "no pickles, no onions, no mustard, no bun and no patty."

"They literally sent us 2 ketchup packets!!!!"

hungover woman accidentally orders just two packets of ketchup from mcdonald's

Before we all get judgemental, we've all done something this dumb when we're hungover, haven't we?

However, we can always rely on our significant other not to plaster it all over the internet. But that isn't something Katie could count on.

For her part, Katie also saw the funny side of her confused order. She simply commented with the hashtag #whoops.

Anyway, let's cut her a bit of slack. Being hungover is hard enough. But imagine being hungover and then realizing the pick-me-up you were hoping will cheer you up isn't coming, and you only receive teasers (two packets of ketchup). That's heartbreaking.

hungover woman accidentally orders just two packets of ketchup from mcdonald's

But let's hope Katie kept the receipt because, as it turns out, it could actually save you some money in the future.

A savvy McDonald's fan recently took to social media to share why you should keep hold of your old receipts as they come with discounts.

In the Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains' the woman wrote:

"MCDONALD'S HACK. Don't throw your receipt and use it for the discount."


"I always keep Mcd receipts in my wallet so I can use it in the future."

"Doing the survey doesn't take more than 2 mins."

She continued:

"£1.99 for Big Mac + medium Fries (yes, you have the option to change the burger). Sometimes I change it to Quarter Pounder."

"Big Mac + Fries without receipt= £3.09 + 1.19 = £4.28. With receipt = £1.99 You save £2.29"

"If you and your partner use the same hack (yes, you need two receipts on separate orders), you can save £2.29 x 2 = £4.58. Enjoy!!"


Some handy tips to know! Make sure you save those cents.