Humane Society Needs Dog-Snugglers To Help Cuddle Dogs In Need

Many of us love animals, especially cats and dogs. How could you not? They're so gentle, sweet, and cuddly!

And cute little puppies? How could you ever resist their love?!

Puppies Go Through A Tough Time After They've Been Born In or Brought into a Shelter

At such times, these puppies really need some love and comfort. Not only do they require help to get through this trying period, but also extra cuddling from some snugglers.

humane society needs dog-snugglers to help cuddle dogs in need

So, why not spare some valuable time to give these puppies that warm hug?

For anyone looking for a new job, the Human Society of Tampa Bay offers a unique post that involves snuggling with dogs. This is absolutely the perfect job for dog lovers.

The shelter's website states:

"Our long-term volunteers help us every day and, in every department, here at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay."


"Volunteers of all ages are welcome to join this program, but any that are under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times."

The shelter needs anyone willing to cuddle and bond with pups that have recently gotten out of surgery. Most of the dogs needing this treatment have just got neutered or spayed, and cuddling with humans will help them feel better.

This Post is Basically the Dream Job for Most of Us!

humane society needs dog-snugglers to help cuddle dogs in need

Jeff Honig may not seem like the perfect candidate for this job, but this Hillsborough County retired deputy loves every minute of it. He volunteers at the Tampa shelter ten hours a week to comfort and cuddle the dogs.

Not only does Jeff comfort these dogs, but also assists in the cleaning and veterinarian tasks. He's now an expert "dog snuggler."

Jeff also has four cats at his home, and he travels a lot. But whenever he gets free time, he heads to the shelter and offers love to the distressed dogs.


Describing the experience, Jeff says:

"It's very soothing for me. It's very soothing for them. It's just a great experience."

After Being Neutered, Spayed, or Cared for After an Accident, Dogs Get Scared, Distressed, and Confused

When a dog is frightened, just simple cuddling can make them feel relaxed and comforted. Human touch can do wonders for these canines, especially in such scary situations.

humane society needs dog-snugglers to help cuddle dogs in need

Comforting these dogs can also help them in the long run as it can impact their demeanor and behaviors.

The Shelter Needs More Volunteers

Humane Society always gets an abundance of volunteers during the summer. Still, since most of them are students busy studying during the school year, the shelter is looking for more people to help in the cold season.


The Humane Society's Liz McCoy says that the number of volunteers at the shelter ebbs and flows. Whatever time you can manage is much appreciated by humans and animals alike.

McCoy says:

"It makes me emotional just thinking about it."

"Nothing happy brings animals through our doors. So, when volunteers come in to make things better, it's just a moving thing to be a part of."

Do you feel you could be the ideal candidate for this role? Learn more about the 'dog cuddler position' by visiting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay's website for more information.