I have had so many people message me asking me to write things from Hugh's point of view. I have had so many conversations with him over the years about events that have transpired between us. I asked him so many questions and my whole and the sole reason behind these have been for clarification for myself. However, it has given me an indication about what goes on in his head at times. So whilst any entries from Hugh's perspective are very fiction-based, they are also infused with conversations we have had and my interpretations. I wanted to make this very clear from the beginning. I will post this first one and would like you all to tell me what you think and based on the majority vote. I will determine if I will continue writing these from the beginning as well as my own true it goes.

I was sitting on the sofa in the restaurant at one of the most prestigious international hotels that had successfully infiltrated the Australian market opposite a woman that had literally driven me crazy over the last six months.

I had worked hard to build up an internationally successful empire in the entertainment and media industry and whilst my undeniable success has afforded me many luxuries, I have had to survive multiple public character assassinations from various personalities in the industry, takeovers, blackmail,s and stand over attempts. Even with all of these adversities I have faced in my career, I have still been able to maintain a level of anonymity in the media and public eye despite the incessant attempts of my competitors and the relentless editors trying to dig up as much dirt. On me as possible...They have still come up empty-handed. The reporters failed to realise that I hadn't achieved all I have today without making a few very influential friends who are only all too happy to jump when I ask for their support or even a little favour here or there. How far or deep my connections run will always be left to the imagination of any person who wishes to occupy their time by digging into my personal or professional affairs...I have enjoyed my mysterious image for decades and no newbie reporter will ruin it for me. I want to stay unnoticed, sitting on the backbench whilst my clients bask in the limelight. After all, they are not only friends but the main source of income for my business. If and when I would ever want a more public profile, then I will be the one to create it. I am not in the business of wanting people to know anything about my personal or business affairs. It would ruin too much of a good thing.

With all that said and done, there was a curvaceous, hungry for success and determined brunette who had become my Achilles heel and it was becoming increasingly difficult to deny her thirst for knowledge and unwavering passion in every word she spoke.

As I stared into her sparkling green eyes that had been staring at me so intensely, filled with such flair and beauty, I almost missed the question that she had asked not seconds ago. The more time I spend with her, the stronger I began to feel about her...When we were apart, I found myself at the most inconvenient times escaping into the memory of her vibrant bright green eyes that I very soon began feeling was my happy place...and in those moments, I knew I had to be with her. I needed to see her, smell her and feel the sparks of happiness that emanated from within her and attached themselves to my heart. She was a breath of fresh air. She was untainted by the industry, unlike so many before and as strongly as I felt...I knew she felt the electricity between us as much as I had. So why was she resisting my every move?.... Didn't she realize that it was more than just sex for me?

However, after hearing her question, I knew I couldn't let it go on any longer. I knew that what was happening between us was eating her alive and it was the last thing on earth I wanted to do to her because she didn't even know half of it. I knew that I should expel all of my secrets and lay all of my cards on the table to this stunning creature that so obviously enjoyed and desired my company as much as I couldn't stand being away from her from the very first moment we met after the most intriguing voicemail I had ever heard...even though she wouldn't admit it. I knew I should end it now and stop the chase before I broke this seemingly vulnerable, innocent and pure heart that I had become infatuated with instantly. But there was something about how she looked at me, the way she treated me, how she talked to me and the genuine interest she showed in me. She genuinely cared about who I was and not how much I was worth or who I knew.

Every movement, tone and word was with such an air of innocence that I found it so intoxicating it was impossible to broach the subject of my past. I couldn't stand the thought of her rejection which was an alien concept to me in every aspect of my life. However, the possibility of rejection from this wondrous creature before me bought out a vulnerability and fear from within that I thought I had squashed many years ago, and the pain and fear I felt could only be compared with the last moments of terror a man would face on death row.

I couldn't bear to see her leave, I couldn't bear the thought of her skin caressed by another man, her beautiful smile that touched the corner of each eye to be at the words of another as she laughed that beautiful lullaby of nervous laughter that filled the room with warmth, but the most painful thing of all was the thought that I would never again feel the way I felt when I was with her. I had never been blessed with the rush of an intense cocktail of emotions of Joy, Love, Lust and Passion that I felt in every second of her presence...Not even with my wife had a flame so intense been ignited from within. So as I battled with my conscience contemplating what decision to make, I watched her cool, calm and collected features change to a squinting of the eyes that seemed to bore past my cold, hard exterior, searching the dustiest corners of my soul...then a smile crept across her face that seemed so promising as she took another sip of wine...It was then that I opened my mouth to answer her desperately spoken question..."I'm married, but I separated for the past 18 months" I lied...but still managed to keep my mask up whilst waiting for the shock on her face to subside...I instantly felt the guilt come crashing down around me.