Hugh Jackman Announces World Tour Performing Greatest Showman Tracks

Hugh Jackman Announces World Tour Performing Greatest Showman Tracks

After a brief break in his career, Hugh Jackman is setting out to do something completely different for the very first time. Last week, he announced his comeback with a world tour in 2019, where he will be performing the tracks from the Greatest Showman and his other super hit movies. This came as a big Christmas present for millions of fans across the globe.

To date, Hugh has been a part of countless movies and is hugely popular for his role as the Wolverine in the X-men series for over a decade. He named the tour " The Man. The Music. The Show." which perfectly aligns with the performances coming next year. This is not new to him, as he already organized and performed a similar midsized tour in Australia, but this time he believes it's going to be big. The tour will cover North America and many countries in Europe. Hugh is known for his enthusiasm, fitness, and positivity which helped him tackle Carcinoma twice, which is in itself a remarkable feature.

The tour will include the participation of as many as 30 singers and dancers along with a whopping 26-piece orchestra who will recreate songs from Hugh's blockbuster movies. He explicitly gave a hint to the songs he will be performing which are from his movies namely, Broadway, Les Miserables, The Greatest Showman, etc. Fans are amazed to know that he will be sharing personal experiences and invite respected guests which include the lead actress from The Greatest Showman, to have inspirational and funny conversations revealing much about their lives.

Hugh is very positive about the tour and plans to have the time of his life while enjoying and partying with friends, family, and most importantly the fans. He is relaxed and looking forward to the next year with high hopes. He believes in connecting with people and celebrating life irrespective of how many people show up.

The 50-year old explained how his playlist consists mostly of his favorite songs and some contributed by his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and aptly named the playlist a mixed bag. He funnily spoke about his children Oscar and Ava and assured their presence throughout the tour since they wanted real jobs that pay. Though Hugh is very happy and relaxed, he is diligent at the same time with rigorous dancing and singing regularly throughout the day. He is a perfectionist and the glimpse of which we got in the Greatest Showman movie.

Hugh Jackman will be performing two songs in the upcoming week which he believes is just a warm-up session as the real deal comes with the new year. He will be singing two songs from the Greatest Showman and Les Miserables. With experienced dancers and a fluid choir, he believes together they will be rocking the stage.

The world tour kicks off on the 13th of May, 2019 in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany. From there, the whole crew will be moving to different parts of Europe covering a series of countries including the UK. On June 18th, 2019, the tour will shift to the other side of the Atlantic in the US. The first show in the country will be in Houston, Texas, Hugh's personal favorite. The US leg will go on for over a month and end in LA, California on 20th July 2019. The tour dates are available in detail on the official website. The good news for the diehard fans is that the tickets will be globally available for sale on 7th December this year.