How's This For A Perfect Match? ENFP And INFJ

How’s This For A Perfect Match? Enfp And Infj

There is a key for every lock, a ying to every yang. So, however "undateable" you are, there is someone who would be just perfect for you.

Today, let's have a look at why ENFPs and INFJs are perfect for each other.

For those who are wondering what the hell I am even going on about, let's begin with a simple definition of ENFP and INFJ.

ENFP is short for Extraverted, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving, while INFJ is short for Introverted, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.


Not clear enough? No worries, I'll explain further. ENFPs are further classed as "Champions", while INFJs are known as "Counselors."

Both are very intuitive and feeling, which makes creativity an ample ingredient in their relationships. They can never be normal, you have to accept that.

They also complement each other perfectly, since ENFPs are extraverted while INFJs are introverted. The magnetism between the two can be palpable.


When the two meet, the connection is instant and natural. Consequently, they can make perfect relationships whether they are about romance, business, or just friendship.

They just never collide, because while the ENFP is very extraverted, the INFJ is quite introverted.

1. Compatibility of ENFPs

The ENFPs seek relationships in which both partners can experience growth. They explore, learn, discover and do other things as a team. This offers plenty of intellectual stimulation to their partners.


- Idealists

They cannot seem to resist the attraction that comes from intuitive feeling types, aka, "The Idealists". That probably has a lot to do with the fact that these kinds of people are very authentic and deeply focused on the meaning of life. Their conversations can be quite exciting.

- Guardians

Sensing and judging types, also known as "The Guardians" are also quite compatible with ENFPs. They offer them stability, comfort and predictability. Each has to hold on to their individuality though, or someone will be taken for a ride.


- Artisans

Then there is the sensing perceiving group, otherwise known as "The Artisans." These care for physical experiences such as appearances. But ENFPs can complement that by offering the sensory stimulation the artisans require in return for mental stimulation.

- Adaptable Innovators

"Adaptable Innovators" also go well with ENFPs because these two will have plenty to talk about given their NP personalities.


2. Compatibility of INFJs

INFJs enjoy being relationships that constantly challenge their intellect. They want a real relationship filled with mental adventures.

- Action-Oriented Innovators

These personality types balance out the INFJs. ENs, or action-oriented innovators, challenge the INFJs to go beyond their comfort zones. They can make them get out of their shells, and the fact that they both share a strong passion makes their relationships quite exciting.


- Thoughtful Innovators (IN)

These folks are known for their introspection and scholarly bent, and that makes them prefer theory to real-world achievements. But their love for all things internal makes them great for INFJs, among other similarities. Their optimism is also infectious, and they can find proper grounding in INFJs.

- NTPs

NTPs are intuitive, and that makes them attractive to INFJs, since they can have great conversations about theoretical subjects. Their judgment systems also complement each other, and they involve thinking and feeling.


- STPs

STPs attract INFJs, although these relationships are short-lived.

3. Benefits of ENFP-INFJ Relationship

- ENFPs will love that INFJs are such good listeners.

- Their similarities will make discussions about big plans and certain discussions more exciting for them.

- Being around an ENFP will calm an INFJ, while the ENFP will add some excitement to an INFJ's life.


- The two will be very affectionate as they will feel more strongly and share the warmth, kindness, and sensitivity that comes with it.

- ENFPs will offer some order and stability in the life of INFJs, while ENFPs will help them see the exciting side of life.

- An INFJ will enjoy the social nature of the ENFP, and will enjoy going out more and have an easier time interacting with people he/she would usually avoid.


- Since they both feel, their relationship will be peaceful as they will be attentive to each other's needs and desires and try all they can to meet them.

4. Setbacks of ENFP-INFJ Relationships

- ENFPs get restless, while INFJs get shy, and that combination can cause the neglect of some common responsibilities.

- Conflict can emerge since ENFPs can feel too indecisive and INFJs can seem too controlling.


- Because INFJs can be quiet, they can bore an ENFP sometimes, while INFJs might feel that ENFPs should be quieter because they are naturally too loud all the time.

- With their desire for greater harmony within the relationship, both ENFPs and INFJs can bottle up their emotions, which can cause an unhappy relationship.

- Some conflicting natures between the two personality types can collide, leading to frustrations in the relationship.


5. What Builds the Attraction between ENFPs to INFJs?

INFJs can help ENFPs grow emotionally, and they can encourage them to be less serious about everything.

On their part, ENFPs like to see joy in others. So, they often attempt to coax the INFJs out of their shells so they can enjoy life more.

They will both intrigue each other since INFJ will find it surprising that an ENFP would crave time alone, while an ENFP will find it surprising that an INFJ has such a large circle of friends despite the shyness.


6. Why Do ENFPs and INFJs Work So Well Together?

Both will be liked by people, and they know how to prioritize family. They will also have a desire to be with each other and will put less attention on friends for the sake of their common goals. The support they will give each other will also be good and fruitful.

7. Possible Areas of Improvement For ENFPs and INFJs

Obviously, no type is perfect. ENFPs can work on their introverted sensing by trying meditation, praying and the like. On their part, INFJs can work on their extraverted sensing by learning things like dancing, hiking and so forth.


8. ENFP Traits

- Non-judgmental and inclusive, and like to see others become their best

- They easily understand other people's points of view, which makes them empathetic

- Afraid of boredom

- They are full of enthusiasm

- A desire for openness and fewer details

- Can get anxious and restless

9. INFJ Traits

- Very few, about 1% of the population


- They are inquisitive and want to learn as much as possible about the world

- Appreciation for deep conversations

- Like quality and authenticity

- Have a difficult time making themselves understood since they are so rare

- Usually quiet since they like to process things internally

10. ENFP and INFJ Similarities

- Like gathering information about people


- Religious and spiritual

- Unique social skills

- Tend to be hippies as they like to explore the world and enjoy it

11. ENFPs and INFJs as Friends

The two will usually have satisfying intellectual stimulation even when things don't work out romantically. They can still bring out the best in each other.

12. Signs of An ENFP-INFJ Connection

The relationship and attraction between ENFPs and INFJs can seem enigmatic for many reasons. But for the pair, the following happens:


- They easily make jokes, and there is a lot of energy around it

- The spontaneity in the ENFP makes INFJ quite excited of the union

- Outside world fades away when they are together due to the deep connection between their inner worlds.

- Even when apart, they will keep staring at each other

- The two will try to serve others

- The ENFP will do the chasing while the INFJ acts distant


- Sensual and long hugs will be shared between the two

- Despite planning to spend a little time together, they will end up spending all night together

- As the ENFP gets louder, the INFJ will be wittier

- They can both discuss complex topics as they are all intellectuals

- The ENFP will seem more balanced, while the INFJ will seem more comfortable in social settings

-ENFP will want the INFJ all to themselves


- They try to process lots of information to understand how things are connected

- They will find it surprising that their worlds mesh

I know, I know. That's a lot to take in. But don't get too tied up in the rules of dating with regard to personality types.

This information can help, but what matters the most is that the two partners work well together and have mutual concern for each other. So, don't push someone away because their personality types dictate that they should not be a good fit for you.


Oddballs have made some of the most exciting romantic or platonic pairings ever. So, if it's working out, give it a chance.