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How's This For A Booze Lover's Fantasy? The Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

How’s This For A Booze Lover’s Fantasy? The Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming up fast. But before you start accusing me of stating the obvious, allow me to ask: what are your plans regarding a Christmas tree this year?

I know what you are going to say: a big tree decorated with ornaments, candy canes, garland, and sparkling lights.

That's fine by me. It's a tried-and-true Christmas tree model. But if you love booze, allow me to nudge you towards something a little less traditional.

how's this for a booze lover's fantasy? the wine bottle christmas tree

I am talking about a Wine Bottle Christmas Tree.

Maybe I should explain further. How about I break it down for you in a list?

1. Yes, Wine Bottles Will Be Involved

The name of this Christmas tree decoration is no gimmick. The tree is truly made of wine bottles. Dozens and dozens of them from every blend you can imagine.

It does not matter if you are into Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon, this incredible tree has them all. Best of all, it looks beautiful and elegant. I can also bet the tree has a much deeper meaning for a wine lover than a traditional Christmas tree.

2. But You Go To The Tree, Not The Other Way Round

how's this for a booze lover's fantasy? the wine bottle christmas tree

If you were already planning where to put the Wine Bottle Christmas Tree in your house, I'm sorry you will have to put that plan on hold. The guy who owns this unique tree, and probably a hero to many wine lovers around the world, set up the tree in California, where he owns vineyards. He puts up the tree so that visitors can make a trip there and bask in its boozy magnificence.

3. You Could Try To Create Your Own Wine Bottle Tree

If packing up and boarding a plane to California is not what you had in mind when you heard of a Wine Bottle Christmas Tree, then you can always put your DIY skills to work. Just be sure to call friends over once you are done so you can get compliments on it.

I mean, what would be the point of toiling so hard and then having no one admire your handiwork? The Wine Bottle Christmas Tree guy in California has people fly in to enjoy his work. So, what's wrong with you borrowing a page from his book and inviting your friends over?

how's this for a booze lover's fantasy? the wine bottle christmas tree

4. You Will Need Lots Of Bottles

This is not a joke, you might have to enlist help from your friends to get all the bottles necessary to make your wine bottle Christmas tree. Depending on how big of a tree you want to set up, you might need dozens of wine bottles.

So, be ready to rummage through your garage, your dumpster, and your basement in search of wine bottles. But you have to look past that. Remember, once the tree has been set up, you will become the envy of your booze loving pals.

how's this for a booze lover's fantasy? the wine bottle christmas tree

5. It Will Be Worth It

A wine bottle Christmas tree will obviously stand out. No one can deny that. It will get people talking, and it will have people excited. If ever you wanted a chance to whip up some Christmas joy for your holiday guests, then here's your chance.

Who knew those empty wine bottles around your home could be so useful during the holiday season?

So, do you think you are up to the challenge of making your own wine bottle Christmas tree? No? How about going to California and getting a good satisfying look at one? Either way, give this unique Christmas decoration a chance.