How You Should Feel In Your Relationship—If You Don't, He's Not The One

How You Should Feel In Your Relationship—If You Don't, He's Not The One

You're with a guy who you feel melts your heart. He has a terrific smile and always knows what to say. I don't mean to be a drag, but have you ever wondered if he's the right one for you? Sure, he makes the ground beneath your feet disappear and lights up your world, but it wouldn't hurt to actually ask yourself if you and he are a match made in heaven. If you feel any of the things below when you're with him, then congratulations, girl! You've found yourself a great guy:

You're Comfortable Around Him

A guy who loves you for you is worth your time and love. You're comfortable with yourself when you're with him. He thinks you're great and adores you despite your annoying habits like talking non-stop and nagging him. You don't have to wear makeup when you're with him or wear a specific type of clothes to interest him. He loves you no matter what you look like.

You're Always Happy When You're With Him

I'm not talking about the happiness you feel when everything seems to be perfect in your life. The kind of happiness I mean is strong and quite difficult to explain. You're always on cloud nine when he's with you. Whether he gets you something or not, it doesn't change anything. You're so happy that you smile even when you shouldn't, and you feel that joy in your bones too.

You're Free To Tell Him Anything

When there's no awkward silence when you're with him, and you can share anything with him without him getting mad, then he's a good guy for you. If you have to watch what you say when you're with him, it's about time for you to decide if you still want to be with him.

You're Satisfied Sexually

Sex shouldn't be about one partner. If he's the right one, he'll strive to meet your sexual needs. He won't only have sex with you when he wants it. If he satisfies your sexual desires, hold on to him and never let him go.

He Encourages You To Be Your Best

Does he motivate you? Encourage you that you can handle anything that comes your way? You should feel at the top of your game around him. He should challenge you to do everything better than you already are. If your confidence started shrinking the day you met him, that's a sign that he's not the one for you.

You're Safe Around Him

Never overlook this. No matter how great he may be, if he doesn't make you feel secure, ditch him. He should make you feel that no one can harm you when you're with him. If he doesn't stand up for you or make you feel special, don't lie to yourself that he'll change with time. Once a spineless guy, always a spineless guy.

He Respects You

The right guy shouldn't treat you like a sex toy or feel superior to you. How often does he show you that he respects you? Does he frequently sacrifice what he wants to make you happy? Do you feel that he gives you first place in his life? If not, please don't wait for any more signs. The guy you think you love actually looks down on you.