How You Know He's A Strong Man, No Biceps Required

On a first date, it's easy to focus on physical appearance, such as muscles, to determine a guy's strength. However, it's important to remember that true strength goes beyond physicality. Here are some types of inner strength to look for in a potential boyfriend:

1. He Takes Responsibility For His Words And Actions

A guy who lacks emotional or mental strength tends to deflect responsibility when things go awry. Observe the way he talks about others and past challenging situations. If he frequently blames others, it's a red flag. Moreover, if you end up in a relationship with him, he may end up blaming you for things that go wrong, as he won't take responsibility for his actions. This behavior is not acceptable.

2. He Doesn't Feel The Need To Constantly Assert His Manhood

A man who is arrogant and throws his weight around is not truly strong. He is difficult to deal with and his self-important behavior is annoying. In contrast, a man who is gentle and doesn't need to prove his strength through loud or aggressive behavior is the real deal. Like with money, those who have true strength don't need to flaunt it. It takes a strong man to be gentle and put his ego aside for the sake of others.

3. He Doesn't Bottle His Feelings Up

Society often pressures men to suppress their emotions and "act tough," but ignoring one's feelings can lead to serious problems in the future. Look for a man who is comfortable expressing his emotions. This shows true strength and prevents feelings of anger and sadness from bottling up. Being with a man who has the emotional intelligence to identify and communicate his feelings is both refreshing and attractive. It demonstrates a quiet confidence that is very appealing.

4. He's Honest, Even About The Hard Stuff

Men who engage in ghosting or lying are not strong. They lack the courage to confront situations and their deceitful behavior can be hurtful. Look for a guy who is honest with himself and with you. He should be comfortable with his true self, including his quirks and flaws, and not pretend to be someone he's not just to impress you. That kind of behavior is unimpressive.

5. He's Not Intimidated Or Emasculated By Your Strength

As a strong woman, you are not afraid to express your opinions and challenge a man. A strong man is someone who will not be deterred or become defensive by your assertiveness. He will appreciate your intelligence and rise to the challenge, mentally stimulating you without feeling intimidated by your strength.

6. He Doesn't Try To Steal Your Power

A genuinely strong man will appreciate and embrace your strength. He won't try to control you out of his own insecurity or lack of confidence. Your strength will actually attract him, and he will be turned on by your independence and resilience. He won't feel threatened by your success or worry about being overshadowed by you. Instead, he'll want to stand by your side and support you as you take on the world together.

7. He Fights For You

A guy who truly loves and fights for you doesn't have to display his strength physically, like by picking a fight with someone who's looking at you in a bar. Such displays of "strength" are often more about the guy's ego than anything else. A guy who fights for you in the truest sense will make it evident that he doesn't want to lose you and will stand by you when the rest of the world walks away. That's the kind of strong boyfriend you should be with.