How You Can Tell Your Partner Is No Longer In Love With You

When you are in a relationship where both you and your partner are in love with one another, the world can feel like a wonderful place. However, while some couples remain in love for the rest of their lives, there are some people that fall out of love.

When one partner falls out of love with their partner, it doesn't mean they no longer love them or care for them. It simply means that they are no longer in love with them, which is quite different.

How Can You Tell?

You may have noticed a change in your relationship, which may have you asking yourself whether your partner's feelings have changed. Well, there are some key signs that can indicate that your partner is no longer in love with you, some of which are:

They Shy Away from Intimacy

In the past, you and your partner may have enjoyed a very healthy physical relationship. However, you may have noticed that lately, your partner does not seem to be all that interested and may even make excuses and shy away from intimacy.

If your partner still loves you but is no longer in love with you, that side of the relationship is something that they may not feel comfortable with. So, it is always best to be open and discuss your concerns to see whether this is the reason.

There Is a Lack of Interest in Your Life

As partners, you should both take a healthy interest in one another's lives and what is going on in your life on a day-to-day basis. However, while this is something that couples in love tend to do, someone that has fallen out of love may not be all that interested.

If your partner has stopped taking any interest in what is going on in your life, whereas they used to be interested before, it could be that they are no longer in love with you.

They Start Blaming You

Sometimes, things can get a little bitter when one partner falls out of love with the other. For instance, you may find that your partner suddenly starts blaming you for every little thing that goes wrong even if it was not your fault.

Often, this is not done out of spite, but because of resentment, since they have not yet had the courage to walk away from the relationship even if it is something that they want to do.

They Find Excuses Not to Be with You

Couples who are in love enjoy spending lots of time together doing the things they enjoy most, and this may be something you and your partner used to do. However, you might find that they are now making any excuse not to spend time with you, come over, go out, or be intimate.

Excuses could range from having to work late regularly to having other things already organized. If your partner seems unwilling to put time aside for you and is coming out with all sorts of excuses, the reason could be that they are no longer in love with you.

Their Future Plans Do Not Include You

Many couples spend time talking about their future together, discussing everything from moving in and getting married to starting a family. However, you may have noticed that your partner tends to talk about the future just from their own point of view.

If you notice that your partner talks about their future but you do not feature in the conversation, it may be that they are not factoring you into the equation for a reason.

Time to Move Forward with Your Life

Unrequited love has caused distress to people since the beginning of time, and if your partner is no longer in love with you, you will know what this feels like. However, you cannot force someone to be in love with you, so you have to consider carefully whether it is time to let go and move forward with your life.