How To Write An Absence Excuse Letter To Your Child's School

How To Write An Absence Excuse Letter To Your Child’s School

We're aware of how important school is for children's socialization and well being.

It can help in strengthening their communication skills by engaging and interacting with other children. It also allows them to learn how to behave and solve problems in certain situations that may happen.

But, there are times when the child needs to stay at home and take the day off from school.

Schools are giving their best to bring students back into the classrooms, and many parents are drinking to that or doing their happy dance to celebrate the end of the 'online classes' era.

This certainly seems like the perfect timing to update and polish up your writing skills, in case your child needs an apology letter for being absent from school.

What is an absence excuse letter?

how to write an absence excuse letter to your child's school

When certain situations occur, the child is unable to attend classes as per usual and needs to stay at home.

In this case, the parent needs to provide an absence note for the school to explain the reasons for the school absence.

A letter of excuse, or a school absence note, is a parent-to-teacher letter provided by the parent to apologize, explain, and verify the child's absence.

You've never dealt with writing absence notes before?

Then, feel free to warm your seats because you're about to upgrade your skills with some writing advice.

The Basics

how to write an absence excuse letter to your child's school

Notes for school absence are nearly the same as regular business documents. But this doesn't mean that you should take things for granted, and just grab the first printable absent note for school you find here and there on the Internet.

These days, everyone could find many samples of printable sick notes for school with just a couple of clicks on Google, but one thing is for sure: they don't work.

Since the reasons for absence are personal and may slightly vary, the excuse letters for school absence surely can't be relatable for all of us.

And come on, we're talking about children!

Take your pens, and grab a paper, or open a Word document and keep it going. You got this!

Formatting Tips

how to write an absence excuse letter to your child's school

First things first - always start with the basic info.

On the right side of the sheet, add your address and the date.
At the same time, on the left side of the document should be the name of your child's teacher or the headteacher, depending on the school's policy.

Below the teacher's name, write down the school's full address, and you're ready to start the excuse letter for absence.

Start polite, using 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Madam.' Or even better - if the name of your child's teacher is already fairly known to you, then feel free to start with his or her last name.

Fill In The Gaps

how to write an absence excuse letter to your child's school

After you provide the base information, you could start explaining the purposes why your child needed to stay at home instead of being at school.

In a new line, start explaining your situation. Kindly introduce yourself, and tell the teacher why your child was absent from school. Was it about a fever, cold, a family vacation, or maybe even something else like moving house or losing a relative?

Be specific about the details, especially with the particular date and time when your child was absent from school.

Finish the letter with a short thank-you note in the last paragraph, and leave your email address and your phone number, just for any case.

Then you can finally end the letter with your full name and authentic signature.

Adjust Your Tone

how to write an absence excuse letter to your child's school

Excuse letters for school are just another type of formal letters, so always check and even double-check, in case you spot a grammatical error or typos in between the written lines.

Don't overwhelm with too much unnecessary info. Remember that less is more even when you're crafting a formal letter.
Always tend to be exact and short.

Another important thing is to calm your tone and use polite, formal language. There's no need for sterile, banal phrases that everybody writes, but a little kindness can't hurt you for sure.

Keep An Eye On Details

how to write an absence excuse letter to your child's school

Be sure to pay attention to the school's protocols.

Many schools would require a doctor's note beside the excuse letter for not attending school due to cold or sickness.
Others may prefer a phone call, so try to stay up to date with the school's policy just for any case.

See, it's not that hard to compose your type of absent letter format.

Just be honest and polite, and the rest will follow on its own.