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How To Write A Good Essay If You Are Too Busy

How To Write A Good Essay If You Are Too Busy

Let's agree – students are struggling with the endless number of assigned essays during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do they have to complete a myriad of papers, but also they have to stay at home, studying and even working. But how to find the time to complete all these tasks? Indubitably, you can utilize some academic writing services, such as WritingCheap, and get full-fledged and expert help from professionals in a timely manner. Or, on the contrary, you can try to write your essay yourself. Yes, we know that you are busy with your other activities. However, we have collected some crucial tips about how to compose a sterling essay in almost no time! We think it is worth checking.

Freewriting technique

It might be the most useful tip in case you don't have time. Its purpose is straightforward – you set a timer and write everything that comes to your mind. You don't edit it, change, or erase. You have to write down content within a time limit and don't pay any attention to mistakes you might commit. Freewriting is a brainstorming technique that makes you write for a defined period without worrying about how it looks. Additionally, you are free to turn off the Internet if you can work without it. For instance, working on your essay in Google Docs, you can turn on an Offline Mode and use the freewriting method.

Divide some time for the preparation

Even though you don't have much time to complete your assignment, the prep steps are vital. Pre-writing steps require you to research the topic you are going to write about. To decrease the time for finding relevant sources, avoid looking for the material directly in google search. Instead, bookmark useful web pages, such as Google Scholar,, Research Gate, Jstor, or other websites with .gov, .edu, .org, .mil, or similar domains.

You can look for sources related to your topic when sitting on the bus using your phone. Don't neglect to find reliable material, as you will need to back up your arguments with it. And remember: if your topic is rare, be sure that the turnaround time to find a proper source can be taxing and time-consuming.

Work while others are sleeping

You may find that there are lots of distractions during the day, which lower your productivity significantly. Imagine that you sit down to start writing that burdensome essay, and your phone rings. After a small talk, you proceed with the writing. And then again, someone approached you, and you can't ignore them. Indeed, they are your friends, but your time is almost up, and you haven't finished your introduction.

Try this tip, as it applies to every aspect of your life. Waking up earlier and starting to work, you can complete your tasks at the drop of a hat. Working in the early morning, you are sure you won't be disturbed by anyone. Undoubtedly, you don't have to wake up at 4 AM and burn the midnight oil. Go to bed at 11 PM and set up an alarm for, let's say, 5:40 AM. You can wake up, drink some coffee, and get started.

However, it can't work for everyone, as many of you work full time starting from the early morning. In that case, switch your writing to evening or write your assignment right after your shift is over. Therefore, you will have a couple of free hours in the evening.

Carry your devices with you

If you have a laptop or other small gadgets, taking them with you everywhere is a great idea. It often happens when you are outside, and suddenly you have a flash of inspiration but can't write anything down because you left your device at home. Bring your laptop or even a small notebook with you, and you will see that it will be useful. Besides, if you are busy working, you can write your papers during your lunch break.

Make use of tools

Since you value your time and want to complete your papers quickly with decent quality, you can't rely on yourself solely. We, native speakers, are prone to commit mistakes. Be it punctuation, grammatical errors, or just typos. They influence your grades badly. To avoid these ridiculous situations and save your time, you HAVE TO use the following free apps:

Grammarly. This app aims to polish your writing to shine, correct grammatical mistakes, delete dangling modifiers, and improve the tone of your written pieces. Moreover, if you usually write your essays in Google Docs, you don't have to switch from your document to Grammarly, as the latter is already embedded into Google Docs. However, keep in mind: Grammarly can also commit errors by falsely underlying words that are correct. The app has two versions, although the free one will meet your needs entirely.

Thesaurus Synonyms. Not only should your writing be appealing in terms of grammar, but also your vocabulary needs to be superb and diverse. A lack of time can result in poor and repetitive adjectives, which must be avoided. Using Thesaurus is a no-brainer, as you can find any synonym for any word promptly. Aside from that, you can download Pocket Thesaurus on your phone and use it anywhere you wish because the app doesn't require an Internet connection.

Easybib. Under no circumstance will plagiarism be tolerated by the professor. "But, I've cited my source!" It is a prevalent problem when students cite sources incorrectly and get the lowest grade for their papers. You don't want to experience that. Neither do we! As such, use this application that will make your paper glossy. Just don't remember to choose a required formatting style!

And this is it, guys. Writing a splendid essay when you are too busy is more than possible. The most crucial thing is to desire to complete it. And with the assistance of the mentioned tips, you will not only succeed in it. You will astonish your teacher with its quality, structure, and format.