How To Woo A Guy With Only Texts: Make Him Feel Special Too!

How To Woo A Guy With Only Texts: Make Him Feel Special Too!

I've got some juicy, juicy gossip on the town to share with you ladies out there. It's really groundbreaking stuff. Like, the CIA wish they were in the know like I am. Are you sat down and grounded to this mortal coil? Ready?

Guys like attention just as much as we do.

I know. It's crazy—a win for gender equality champions everywhere. We love to see it. But the long and short of it is that guys are just the same as we are. By and large, we're all human beings, and we all need emotional validation from time to time.

It's true

how to woo a guy with only texts: make him feel special too!

As such, because it is a fact that is often ignored in favor of ensuring that due affection is provided in the opposite direction, here are a few examples of ways to make your special guy feel special.

1. Good morning/good night – right, so I'm working up towards sentiments that are actually properly meaningful. But, chronologically speaking, the natural evolution from 'hey' after a bit of conversation is 'good morning.' You can expect to send these most mornings, but don't stress about anticipating one every day. At its core, this means that you are thinking of him every time he wakes up, and even if you aren't the first thing on his mind – it's the act of remembering that matters too. If he knows you like them, he will do well to meet your needs.

2. This reminded me of you – even if it's a funny Facebook tag or an Instagram DM, this is important. You might remind him of puppies or vice versa or something goofy like people falling over, but either way, if he looks at his social media and thinks of you, you're golden. Plus, you get to see some excellent wholesome content; it's a win-win.

A slightly more rogue alternative for those of you gaming gurus…

how to woo a guy with only texts: make him feel special too!

Link him to a game he's playing – while some hate this, I think it's cute. If he's playing Candy Crush and you are when he's bored or waiting for a train, it's another level of intimacy, and you guys can work together or play against each other. It's fun and passes the time, and often prompts more genuine conversations anyway.

Another low impact, easy to sustain standard to set, is the humble, but loaded gesture: xx.

I mean, this one divides opinion. Some feel that it's not always genuine, and granted, it can feel more like a gesture than something genuine. However, if you establish it as something cute that you both do to each other, even if it is cringy, it does reflect another level of affection.

'I'm at my parents' this weekend, you're welcome to come?'

how to woo a guy with only texts: make him feel special too!

While the slightly distant phrasing of this might confuse matters, you can relaxedly open the door for him to meet the parents. This is big, make no mistake. He probably wants to play it cool, which is why he hasn't outright asked if you want to come first. Crucially, you've allowed him to agree or have an excuse, which is fine. Who doesn't hate making the first move in such matters? You will make his day by saying yes, and it's a great opportunity to get points with the parents. If my parents are anything to go by, you will also be fed to within an inch of your life in their effort to treasure their son's partner.

Equally, you have to play your cards right. We know what they want, but hey – they don't always give us what we want!

Play hard to get – just a bit

how to woo a guy with only texts: make him feel special too!

If you're normally a very punctual (obsessive) replier, why not leave their message for an hour or two. Or leave them on read (if you have the nerve and want to see if they're going to try again). Don't do this outside the bounds of politeness, you are trying to court him, after all. But don't convey that you're always available for him. It's a fact universally acknowledged that guys want what they can't have. Such is the way of the world.

Another alternative… Recommend a book that you think he'll like, or a film or TV show – this shows that you have not only common interests, but you are willing to engage with his worlds. Here, two worlds can meet and you can both become well-rounded individuals. You might also blow his mind by sharing the same tastes in Murder Mystery novels as he does.

But finally – be yourself!

how to woo a guy with only texts: make him feel special too!

That's the real way to express your honest, unapologetic affection.

It's gold duty, baby.