How To Use Vaporizers And Water Pipes Correctly

How To Use Vaporizers And Water Pipes Correctly

What are Vaporizers and Water Pipes

Many people have gotten into the habit of smoking different kinds of herbs and cannabis using different methods. Companies have started to produce newer methods of smoking devices, which are designed to promise users with fewer health disadvantages.

In other words, as smoking is considered bad for people's health, the newer types of smoking devices decrease the damage that smoking will cause to a smoker's health in the long run. Using the Tsunami glass bong or vaporizers will not harm people as they would when using a traditional cigarette. This is because when manufacturing these devices, a lot of research has been conducted to design a heating system that will not combust the herbs - as combustion of the herbs is the main reason for releasing the toxins stored inside the herbs.

On the other hand, using these new and improved devices has proven to provide better flavor to smokers as the heater is controlled automatically. This feature provides people with the herb's exact flavor and reduces the burnt flavor of most regular cigarettes.

Thus, vaporizers and smoking water pipes (bongs) are starting to become a trend in the smoking community, and investing in them is more logical than spending a lot of money on each packet of cigarettes. However, to use these devices, it is important to understand how to use each one correctly to get the most out of your smoking experience.

A Guide on How to Use Vaporizers:

1- Read the instructions before usage

There are hundreds of companies that have gotten into the market of providing and manufacturing vaporizers. However, each company has adopted different methods of using and operating the vaporizers.

For instance, some companies produce vaporizers that are only for one-time use only. Others provide smokers with the ability to refill the substance, which can be purchased separately. Thus, to understand how to use the vaporizer, it is essential to read the instructions provided by the company to understand how to correctly use the device.

2- Make sure the vaporizers are charged before usage

As an electric heater activates the vaporizers, it is essential to charge the device before use. It might be that some vaporizers that are not charged to an extent can mess with the settings and not heat the herbs at the required level. So, to get the most out of using a vaporizer, ensure to charge it beforehand.

3- Learn how to load the herbs inside the vaporizer

Some vaporizers require people to manually insert the ground herbs inside the device, and other companies provide these herbs in a liquid style (E-liquids), which can be used to fill the device.

When purchasing the device, understand which method is required from you and learn how to reload the herbs to use the device.

4- Find the best temperature setting

One of the most interesting features of a vaporizer is that it has a setting where smokers will be able to decide which temperature they want the heater to be on. The higher the temperature, the more flavor the smoker will get when using the device.

Hence, decide the best temperature for the device and set it as your preference.

A Guide on How to Use Water Pipes:

1- Fill the Water Chamber

Water Pipes (Bongs) are considered new smoking devices, but people need to set them up manually.

First of all, since bongs do not have an electric heater, they require a small amount of water inside the water chamber where the smoke will go through to cool off. So, fill the water chamber with the right amount of water - too much or too little water will not deliver the same flavor; thus, ensure to fill it with the right amount.

2- Know how to load the bowl with the right herbs

Unlike vaporizers, using a bong requires people to ground the herbs they wish to smoke by themselves and insert them inside the bowl piece, which later on will be connected to the tool.

So, when the herbs are ground, store them inside the bowl and connect the piece to the water chamber.

3- Ignite the herbs and inhale the smoke

Using a lighter, light the herbs - however, ensure not to burn them as it will damage the flavor of the herbs. After lighting the herbs, inhale using the mouthpiece and enjoy your hit.

4- Ensure regular cleaning of the smoking equipment

Lastly, when using a bong, it is essential to clean the pipe, the water chamber, and the bowl piece using alcohol and salt to rid the equipment of residue that will build up inside it if not cleaned properly.


In conclusion, when transitioning towards using newer types of smoking devices, it is essential to understand how to use them to enjoy most of the benefits they provide.