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How To Use A Breast Lift Tape

how to use a breast lift tape

Any lady with fairly large breasts longs for the forbidden freedom of a braless day, which is something the breast lift tape promises to offer. Finally, you can go braless without getting awkward looks with these clever fashion accessories.

The best thing about this product is that you will finally be free from the harm of having to wear a bra round the clock. Additionally, this is the ideal solution if you hate walking around with your bra straps showing.

Granted, many alternatives to traditional bras have come up in the market in the past, and they have not exactly been raging successes. Examples include the sticky bra, which seems to work well for women with smaller breasts.

Fortunately, the breast lift tape works for bustier women as well.

What To Look For In A Good Breast Lift Tape

how to use a breast lift tape

An ideal breast lift tape is comfortable, super thin, hypoallergenic, and invisible. It should give your breasts a flattering appearance without making everyone think you have decided to go braless.

So, despite not wearing a bra, the breast lift tape should make it seem like you are wearing one.

One of the best brands in the market today is the Hollywood Fashion Secrets breast lift tape, which has an adhesive that does not easily irritate the skin.

Still, if you are worried about the tape irritating your skin, you can do a patch test on the inside of your arm and see how it goes.

Benefits Of Wearing A Breast Lift Tape

how to use a breast lift tape
how to use a breast lift tape

Among other things, the breast lift tape allows you to wear any fashion style without having to worry about bra straps ruining your perfect look from the back or over the shoulders.

The issue of a bra's underwire digging into your ribs will also be history when you decide to go braless and use a breast lift tape.

That should be quite a relief for people with large breasts, who are often forced to wear a bra all the time.

The tape should also last for an entire day. Consequently, you can do plenty when wearing a breast lift tape, including dancing, going on nights out, and everything in between.

When buying a breast lift tape, you will get support for a wide range of sizes starting from A cup to D cup.

You don't have to worry about skin tones either. They offer these tapes in all kinds of color tones.

How To Use The Breast Lift Tape

how to use a breast lift tape
how to use a breast lift tape

Needless to say, every breast tape variant comes with its unique set of instructions on how to apply it.

Obviously, you should make sure the area you will be sticking it to is dry and free of skincare products that might reduce the tape's effectiveness. This will ensure the tape sticks properly to the skin.

When the skin is not clean and dry, the tape may retract. If possible, you can wipe the skin with rubbing alcohol to get rid of powders, oils, sweat, and other substances that might make it harder for the tape to stick to the skin.


Generally speaking, you should start by sticking the lower half of the tape to the breast. Often, the tapes come with nipple shields that hide the nipples.

Otherwise, you can also get nipple covers if the tape does not include the nipple shields.

After that, you should lift the breast to the desired position before sticking the remaining upper half of the tape to the breast. You should hold the tape in place for about 15 seconds as the adhesive warms and adheres to the skin.

Keep in mind that you cannot detach the tape and reposition it. That means you have to be very careful because you only get one shot to put the tape in the right position.

Another benefit of this tape is that it is very comfortable, even for large breasts. However, larger breasts may experience a fold rather than a lift.

Nevertheless, you will still manage to get away with not wearing a bra.

Removing the tape is easy.

You should begin peeling the tape off your skin from the bottom. As you do so, be sure to support your breast.

When removing the tape, do it with gentleness to avoid hurting or irritating the skin. Otherwise, if a certain brand causes problems, you can always go for another brand.

That said, do not use the tape on irritated, sensitive, or sunburned skin.

The tape might also leave marks on your boobs, and it might take a few days before these marks completely disappear. Fortunately, that's something spray tan can take care of.


Handy Tips

how to use a breast lift tape
how to use a breast lift tape

The final result you get with a breast lift tape will obviously depend on your breast size and your application skill.

After using the tape for the first time, note that it might feel a little weird. However, in most cases, the women using the tape feel perfectly comfortable. You should also not apply the tape too strongly, as that can cause discomfort.

For instance, if you want your breasts to be pushed inwards for a better cleavage, you should apply the tape more to the outside of the breast. That should force them inwards.

Also, if you realize that part of the tape is showing above your breast, you can cut it off with a pair of scissors. Just be careful to avoid undoing all your effort or hurting yourself in the process.

You might also notice that the tape does not stick to the skin as well as you might have hoped. You should hold your hand over the tape for about a minute since the warmth will activate the adhesive.

Breast Tape Buying Tips

how to use a breast lift tape
how to use a breast lift tape

As you shop for breast lift tape, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. For starters, some people have a sensitivity to adhesives, and you are better off not using this tape at all if that will be an issue.

There are also brands that can leave behind some residue. So, go for good quality breast lift tapes.

Fortunately, you can check out the product reviews before making your purchase to know if they can offer you the benefits you seek.


Clearly, if you are not wearing low-cut, backless tops, you always have the option of wearing a bra and still achieving the desired look without using breast lift tape if it's not working out too well for you.

As you shop for a breast lift tape, go for variants with a design that prevents contact with the sensitive areolas. For this reason, you should get a breast lift tape with a U-shape.

With the hypoallergenic option, you can easily avoid the rash that comes with wearing a bra by using this tape.

You can also buy gaffer tape if you feel like the tapes you are buying are failing by not sticking to your skin properly. However, the gaffer tape is quite strong, and it might irritate your skin and hurt like hell if not handled properly.

The athletic tape is also a great option, since it is made to stick to the skin.

Is The Breast Lift Tape For You?

how to use a breast lift tape
how to use a breast lift tape

A lot of women have tried the breast lift tape, and celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jessie J swear by them. These accessories are perfect for backless, strapless, and low-cut dresses.

Although the name of this product might not sound very encouraging, the breast lift tape is actually very effective and easy to use.

Unlike the sticky bra, which was more suited to women with smaller breasts, the breast lift tape works with larger and even sagging breasts. The tape also comes in invisible options, and some variants are also waterproof.

In other words, if you still haven't tried out this product, it is the high time you do.

You can order it on many online retail sites such as Amazon. Chances are that your local store stocks it as well.