How To Turn On A Sapiosexual

How To Turn On A Sapiosexual

In the dating scene, being a brainiac is not always a plus. The most common selling points include a fat wallet and a thin body. But that's not all you need to turn on a sapiosexual.

Some folks long for nothing but sapiosexuals – individuals who find beauty in intellect. So, if your heart aches for one, you are right where you need to be.

You will have to make major changes to your seduction game. So, allow me to tell you how to turn on a sapiosexual.

Just for the record, a sapiosexual is attracted to intelligence and even turned on by it. That also means this person is something of an expert in recognizing intelligence and responding to it.

Understand that being a sapiosexual does not mean this person is a boring snob. You still have to remember that traits like humor matter a lot in dating and romance.

Use Sapiosexual Conversation Starters

how to turn on a sapiosexual

Sapiosexuals respond differently to conversation starters. They want something much deeper before they can really give you any attention.

You can break the ice with a riddle, and that is sure to get them interested.

The other option is to use common sapiosexual sayings that are likely to be a turn-on for these individuals. For instance, something like "love is the union of two hearts that have always longed for each other" would be a better way to say good night to a sapiosexual than "nite."

Remember that sapiosexuals can find interesting conversations more appealing than physical intimacy. But don't worry, to the person they are attracted to, there is plenty of physical intimacy to go around.

And while we are on the subject, also know the right questions to ask a sapiosexual to make them see your romantic potential.

Avoid Bad Grammar

how to turn on a sapiosexual

It doesn't take much to turn off a sapiosexual. Something as minor as bad grammar can make you a complete turn off.

On the plus side, avoiding common grammatical mistakes can be all a sapiosexual needs to find you irresistible. Something as simple as pronouncing et cetera right can be a total turn-on.

Generally, sapiosexuals are smart people, and that's why they can recognize great intellect in others.

So, polish up on your grammar and punctuation, and your communication with this person will be so much more intriguing to them.

Even as you text, learn to use the right grammar. Capitalize proper nouns, and show an effort in your messages concerning coherence, vocabulary, and flow. These are the things sapiosexuals look out for when chatting up their love interests.

True sapiosexuals love knowledge for its own sake and in whatever form. If you have profound knowledge in any topic, that is enough to get a sapiosexual interested in you.

Sapiosexuals do not have patience with individuals who cannot avoid bad grammar.

Be Patient

how to turn on a sapiosexual

Although there might be many types of sapiosexuals based on their sexual orientation and other factors, they all tend to fall for people who are a little more patient. You see, the more you know someone, the more interesting they seem.

A sapiosexual can't resist such a person. They find intrigue in people who seem to get more interesting by the day.

It does not matter if you are wondering how to turn on a sapiosexual woman or man. Sticking around long enough to let them see how interesting you can be will be a huge plus.

Demonstrate Intelligence In Other Forms

how to turn on a sapiosexual

Yes, sapiosexuals are crazy about knowledge. But you don't always have to go on and on about your favorite novel to turn them on.

As mentioned earlier, sapiosexuals are fascinated by knowledge in any form. So, other than intellectual knowledge, you can showcase your unique emotional intelligence and let them see other types of knowledge they never thought of.

Remember, admitting that you don't know about something does not make you look dumb. Not even to a sapiosexual.

The only thing it proves is that you have enough confidence in the knowledge you already have about a certain subject.

In other words, be comfortable in demonstrating the knowledge you truly have. If you try to fake certain kinds of knowledge and end up giving up the rouse, you will have lost the sapiosexual's interest forever.

Loosen Up

how to turn on a sapiosexual

It might seem like the best way to turn on a sapiosexual is to be formal and reserved, but that is not the case. As you have probably heard several times, opposites attract – to some extent, obviously.

So, loosen up. If you are a great dancer, let your sapiosexual friend see it. If you love singing, let them see it as well. Don't try to hide things you don't think look intelligent to win over your love interest.

Instead, challenge them by showing that you can still be incredibly smart even without confining yourself to things that typically define smart people, such as an introverted personality.

Of course, the points we have mentioned above still apply, such as the need to use proper grammar and intelligent manner of speaking.

This intriguing combo is likely to make you a very interesting puzzle for a sapiosexual date.

And with that, you now understand what it takes to get a sapiosexual turned on. Yes, knowledge is their main interest. But no, you don't have to demonstrate it by quoting entire verses from Shakespearean plays. Intelligence comes in many forms, and if you can make a sapiosexual realize that, you have what it takes to turn them on.