How To Turn Him On Without Touching Him

As men are highly responsive to visual stimuli, you don't necessarily have to touch them to arouse them. If you're looking to initiate sex with your partner, explore new ways to turn him on that don't require physical contact. Be imaginative and creative, and you'll find that he'll be eager to engage with you.

1. Text Him Something Dirty

Sending explicit images isn't the only way to turn your partner on. Verbal communication can be just as effective. Express your desire to touch him and describe in detail what you plan to do to him once he's home. Just make sure you follow through on your promises later to keep things exciting.


2. Wear Lingerie Around The House

Lingerie is a popular choice among men, and wearing it around the house can be a thrilling surprise for your partner. Rather than saving it for bedtime, put it on while you're doing everyday tasks like washing dishes or watching TV. Your partner won't be able to resist getting close to you once he sees you in your sexy outfit.


3. Watch P*rnography With Him

You can skip the traditional Netflix options and try something more suggestive if you're not the jealous type. Consider playing an adult film for your partner to give them the hint that you're interested in intimacy. Even if your partner wasn't initially in the mood, the film's steamy scenes may change their mind within a few minutes.


4. Tell Him You're In The Mood

There's no need to be coy or subtle when it comes to turning your partner on. In fact, being direct and straightforward about your desires can be highly effective. For instance, during a conversation, you could express that you're feeling horny and that you'd like your partner to take action. This kind of straightforwardness is often quite alluring.


5. Do A Striptease

Imagine that you're a stripper who's prohibited from touching her customers. With this fantasy in mind, you can put on some sultry music and begin to disrobe, taking off your shirt and pulling down your skirt. As you become increasingly undressed, your partner will likely become increasingly eager to touch you.

6. Cook For Him

To arouse him without engaging in sexual activities, consider preparing a meal and serving it by candlelight. Avoid heavy foods that may cause discomfort, interfering with his ability to perform.


7. Make Eyes From Across The Room

This technique is more effective when in public than in the comfort of your home. Gazing at him suggestively, sipping your drink, and winking will convey your intentions. If you're lucky, he may take your hand and lead you away to have sex in public.

8. Whisper In His Ear

Another approach to excite him in public is to lean in close and whisper something risqué in his ear. You could reveal that you're not wearing any underwear for added effect. Remember, the more daring the statement, the better the outcome.


9. Wear An Outfit That Brings Back A Memory

Have you ever thought about bringing back the memories of the steamy nights you spent with your partner? You can do so by wearing the dress you had on when you had your first sexual encounter or the skirt that made his birthday sex unforgettable. Just put on one of these items and relive those moments all over again.


10. Touch Yourself

It's not necessary to touch your partner to arouse them. Instead, try touching yourself. As you squirm and moan in pleasure, your partner will be turned on and eager to please you. You won't have to do much work because they will be more than willing to take over.