How To Text Your Crush - Easy Tips To Get The Conversation Started

How To Text Your Crush – Easy Tips To Get The Conversation Started

Do you like someone but don't know how to text your crush? We've got some great advice that will help you step past the awkward "Hi" phase and get to a real conversation. There's nothing worse than shooting off a text to someone you're interested in and seeing that "read" icon but getting no response. Ouch. Here are some great tips on how to start a text conversation so that doesn't happen to you!


How To Text Your Crush

Texting has become a preferred method of communication for most people. But many of us have trouble knowing how to start a conversation with your crush. It's kind of hard to get your mood across with a string of words.

Text too many times, you seem desperate. If you use too many lol's or haha's, you look awkward and like you're trying too hard. Being too casual can make your crush bored, and they'll stop responding.


It can seem hopeless trying to come up with the right things to text your crush to get a real conversation started. But all hope is not lost. There are some do's and don't of what to say to your crush. Let's get to it!

Tip One - Have Something To Say To Your Crush

If you want to get a response from your crush, you'll need to have a topic that will start a conversation. No one wants to waste time with mundane pleasantries.


So skip the "WYD" text and jump in with a captivating text that is sure to get a response.

If you're doing something interesting, share that news with your crush and ask if they've ever done it. This method gives you a great platform to suggest doing the activity together once things have progressed past the talking stage.

Or you could share a funny meme and your thoughts.

How about that crazy couple's fight you just witnessed at your favorite hangout? It would be a great excuse to get them to hang out for a bit.


Struggling to come up with something clever to say? Simply type "What's the craziest thing that's happened to you today?"

Tip Two - Text like You're Paying for It

Back in the early days of texting, it cost you money for every message you sent. We had to be very careful with our message sending and that might have actually worked in our favor when it comes to texting your crush.


One of the biggest mistakes we all make when we like someone is that we text so often, it can come across as annoying. Don't be that person!

Instead, text like it's going to cost you money. Casually but not overdone. Once you send your first text, find something else to occupy your time with until you get a response.

If you don't hear back, do NOT send another message. It will come across as desperate and will likely get you blocked or left on read with no response.


Don't throw your money away (meaning your time) trying to force someone to talk to you. Cast your line and wait for a bite. Dating takes patience.

Tip Three - What to Say to Your Crush

For me, the hardest part of a new relationship is getting past the odd 'Get to Know You' phase. It sucks having to tiptoe around a conversation because you're not familiar enough with someone to know the boundaries.


Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could derail your relationship before it even gets started. Knowing how to start a conversation with your crush can save you from a ton of dating mishaps.

When you have a crush on someone, you want to get to know them better. You want to spend time with them. But many people don't like to get together with someone they don't know that well.

So use your texting time to become acquainted with each other. Learn simple things about each other like your favorite color, food, music, hobbies, etc. Knowing all of this can come in handy once you do reach the dating stage. You'll be prepared to do plenty of surprises for your partner.


Tip Four - Keep It Clean

Sexting has become quite common but this is not a step you should move forward with at the start of a conversation. Show respect for the possibility of a relationship by having boundaries.

Don't send nudes and don't ask for them in return. Many people make the mistake of crossing this line early in the talking phase and it ruins everything.


You should also avoid any topic of sexual nature in the beginning. There's nothing wrong with some flirty texts but don't go overboard.

Men, you can't go wrong with sending your crush a sweet text each morning, wishing her a good day. Ladies love it!

You can reference appearances but make it sound sincere with the right language. Avoid things like "hot" or "fine" and instead use words like "lovely," "beautiful, "handsome" or "gorgeous."


Tip 5 - Avoid Sarcasm

One of the downsides of texting is that it's easy for things to be taken the wrong way. Sarcasm doesn't come across very well in written form so it's best to keep your words straightforward.

You can make jokes but if you're saying something that you worry might be misconstrued, make sure you use a "lol" or haha.

Better yet, accompany your message with an emoji. When used properly, these little icons can mean more than just your words.


Emojis have become a fun and different way to share how you're feeling without even using words. Any parent knows kids today can have a whole conversation with just emojis.

Now You're Ready To Start A Conversation With Your Crush

We've given you five great tips so you can know how to start a conversation through text with your crush. We're sure you'll be able to get past a simple introduction and have some real conversations by using our many suggestions. Be yourself and have some fun. Why are you still reading? Go text that special somebody!