How To Text A Guy You Like While Keeping It Casual

If you have a crush, it might seem daunting to take the initiative and make the first move. Fortunately, a simple and harmless text message can help you break the ice and facilitate getting to know each other better. Here are some tips on how to casually text a guy you're interested in.

1. Find A Reason To Send The First Text

When contacting your crush for the first time, try to come up with a reason, even if it's a simple one. For instance, you might send a text asking him to remind you of the name of a band he mentioned the last time you met. Alternatively, you could send him a photo of the food truck you both wanted to try, if you happen to come across it. Whatever you decide to text, ensure it's related to something you've previously discussed or ask a question only he can answer. Providing some context in your first message is a simple approach to break the ice.

2. Ask For Advice

This suggestion is closely related to the first one. People, particularly guys, enjoy showcasing their knowledge, so sending a text asking for advice is an excellent way to start a conversation. Perhaps your crush is familiar with the area and can provide you with some restaurant suggestions. Or maybe he's a music enthusiast, and you're looking to diversify your Spotify playlist. Whatever the situation, asking for recommendations or tips will not only boost his confidence but also create opportunities for future discussions.

3. Make Him Laugh

Texting casually provides an ideal chance to display your cleverness and appeal. Indeed, it's much easier to be suave when you have time to ponder over what you want to say. Keep the discussion lighthearted and try to insert a joke whenever feasible. If your crush responds with a crying-laughing emoji, it's a good sign that you're heading in the right direction.

4. Use Gifs And Emojis Wisely

By the way, including amusing emojis or gifs that are pertinent to the discussion is an excellent method to keep the conversation enjoyable and playful. While texts can be misunderstood, a winking emoji can indicate that you're joking or engaging in casual flirting. Nonetheless, refrain from going overboard. In one conversation, a few emojis and a couple of gifs are adequate.

5. When In Doubt, Default To An Inside Joke

After engaging in some playful banter with the guy you're interested in, whether in person or via text, mention an inside joke that you both share. This will remind him of a bond that you've established and, as expected, make him chuckle. Recalling mutual jokes is a relaxed approach to jog his memory of your previous conversations and demonstrate that you haven't forgotten them.

6. Match His Rhythm

If your crush replies promptly, feel free to continue the conversation and keep the momentum going. However, if he takes a while to respond, it's a good idea to reciprocate by taking your time as well. He may feel pressured if you reply too quickly to his texts, particularly if that's not his typical communication style. Therefore, take your time and don't hesitate to delay your response a bit to build anticipation and craft the perfect reply.

7. Mention Common Interests

Initiating a conversation about shared interests with your crush is an excellent way to start an engaging discussion while also suggesting the possibility of doing those activities together. If both of you are fond of basketball, you could ask him about his March Madness bracket. Alternatively, if you're both runners, you could bring up a new running trail that you've recently explored. Whatever common interests you have, make sure to mention them and let him know that you're aware of them.

8. Bring Up Mutual Friends

If you happen to have mutual friends, don't hesitate to bring them up in your conversations with your crush. This could potentially lead to a group hangout that includes both of you. For instance, you could casually mention, "My friends and I checked out a new cafe in town the other day. You should come with us next time!" Having a group around can make both of you feel more comfortable meeting up in person again.

9. Send Pictures (But No Selfies)

If you're looking to add some cuteness or flirtation to your texts, you can certainly send your guy photos, but not necessarily of yourself. Instead, consider sending him pictures that are relevant to your conversations or activities. For instance, if you're out hiking with friends, you could send him a photo of the beautiful view with a caption like, "How jealous are you right now?". Alternatively, if you've started watching the Netflix series he's been recommending, send him a photo of the show on your laptop screen. Just remember to keep things fun, light, and connected to your previous discussions.

10. Know When To Stop

To maintain a casual tone, it's important not to reveal too much too soon. After a few exchanges, it's best to leave the conversation hanging until either you or he initiates a new one. Avoid overdoing it and if the conversation starts to lose steam, don't be afraid to let it taper off. A well-executed conversation will leave a lasting impression, and he'll likely keep you on his mind even after you've stopped texting.