How To Tell Whether He Is Feeling The Same Connection As You Are


You have encountered a fantastic guy, and you're reveling in getting to know him. You believe that you share the spark that everyone looks for in a potential partner, but you're concerned that he doesn't feel the same way. It's natural to feel unsure, but I can help you figure it out.

1. You Can Talk To Each Other About Anything And Everything

When you find yourself having effortless and engaging conversations with someone, regardless of gender, it's a sign that you share a strong connection. You can talk about anything under the sun, from the mundane details of your day to your deepest philosophies about existence, and the conversation just flows. If you enjoy the discussion, find it intriguing, and never seem to run out of topics, then you may have stumbled upon a relationship that has great potential.

2. You Make Each Other Laugh

In addition to being great conversationalists, you guys are always laughing. You find each other hilarious, and your banter is always on point. You make each other laugh even when you're not trying, and you enjoy each other's company. It's clear that you're having a great time together.

3. You Constantly Flirt With Each Other

It's not just about one-sided flirting, as both of you indulge in playful gestures. Whether it's him finding any excuse to touch your arm or you fluttering your eyelashes, your body language is always receptive when you're together. You both enjoy being in each other's company, evident by your open body language and ease of conversation.

4. You're Both Shy When You First See Each Other

Whenever you reunite after a brief separation, you can sense that he's just as anxious as you are. Both of you fumble over your words, and there's a lot of nervous laughter. In his presence, you feel like a giddy schoolgirl from the 1990s instead of an independent woman from 2019. It's all too thrilling.

5. He Makes The Effort When You're Apart

When you're not in each other's company, there's no need to fret and wonder about his whereabouts or why he hasn't contacted you yet, even if your last date was three days ago. In fact, the opposite is true. He frequently reaches out to you through WhatsApp or social media to check in on you, indicating that he's as committed to the relationship as you are.

6. He Asks You On Another Date Before You Get The Chance To Ask Him

Likewise, even before you have the chance to contemplate when to meet him again, he brings up the topic of a future get-together or inquires if you're available on a particular day. Let's not kid ourselves, if he didn't reciprocate your interest, he would have created some distance or made you pursue him. If he is openly expressing his intentions to communicate with you and meet you frequently, then it's a positive indication.

7. There's An Obvious Spark

When there's mutual attraction, it's usually obvious. The dynamic won't resemble that of platonic friends. Instead, you'll be eager to hold hands, snuggle up, and share goodnight kisses. Every touch will feel charged with electricity.

8. Other People Can Spot Your Chemistry

Another sign that he's as interested in the connection as you are is if other people are telling you how compatible you are. Sometimes, only those who are not part of the situation can offer you some perspective. If friends or family who have been around both of you are saying that it's the real deal, then it usually is.

9. He's Not Rushing Into The Physical Stuff

If a guy really likes you, he won't rush you into anything physical. If he only wanted to use you as a sex object, he would have done it already. But if he's more interested in getting to know you outside of the bedroom and hasn't even mentioned anything physical, then he's totally into you on a serious level. That's a pretty nice situation to be in.