How To Tell When Guys Are Being Sincere, According To A Guy

As a non-female individual, I can only imagine that one of the most challenging aspects of dating for women is to assess the authenticity of a potential partner. However, if observed closely, there are subtle cues that men exhibit to demonstrate their genuineness, and recognizing these cues can aid in distinguishing between the decent men and the undesirable ones.

1. We're Just A Little Nervous Around You

When we have genuine feelings for you, there's a high chance that we'll feel a bit anxious around you, particularly at the start. This might cause us to utter foolish things that we'll undoubtedly repent later, but we request you not to judge us too harshly. If we appear jittery, it's likely because we want to convey to you that our intentions are authentic.

2. We Make You A Priority

Majority of men tend to follow their own preferences without any hindrance. Hence, if a guy chooses to prioritize your preferences over his own, it's a positive indication of his genuineness. Even if you need to guide him towards making the right decision, if he decides to spend time with you instead of his buddies or sacrifices something he enjoys to make you happy, it's a good indication that his feelings are sincere.

3. We Communicate Openly

As previously stated, men tend to be somewhat reserved and not always forthcoming with our thoughts. Nevertheless, if you perceive that we're letting our guard down and expressing our genuine feelings to you, that's a positive indication that we're making an effort to be truthful. We have a tendency to use vague language that could have underlying implications, so if we set all of that aside and start being straightforward with you, it's typically a sign that we're truly interested in you.

4. We Let You Take Control

It is true that a considerable number of men tend to have controlling tendencies, although I cannot provide a clear reason for this behavior. However, when a man is willing to relinquish some control over the relationship to you, it is a clear indication of his genuine emotions towards you. If he believes that you are the right person for him, he will no longer be obsessed with having his way and instead prioritize being with you.

5. We Remember Things You Tell Us

This is perhaps one of the most reliable indicators that a man is being genuine and not solely concerned with his own interests. I must admit, listening is not our strong suit. It's not a personal issue; it's simply challenging for us to actively listen, process information, and retain that information while juggling all of the other things in our lives. However, when we demonstrate that we've listened and retained the details you shared with us, we're either highly skilled manipulators or sincerely invested in you - fortunately, it's usually the latter.

6. We Tell You What We Want Out Of The Relationship

Men generally shy away from discussing relationships, but if a man is open about his expectations for a relationship, it's a sign that he's genuine. Although it's easy to fake, if he goes into detail about his long-term goals for the relationship and includes you in that vision, it's usually a sincere indication of his intentions.

7. We Show You Affection

The crucial factor to consider is the type of affection we exhibit towards you. Any man can display physical affection in a vulgar manner by groping or pressing up against you, but if we embrace you in a way that is more soothing for you than it is for us, it's a clear indication of our genuine feelings for you. It's important to recognize that there's a distinction between physical touch and displaying affection, and if you can differentiate between the two, you'll be able to discern whether or not we men are being sincere.

8. We Want You To Meet Our Friends And Family

Introducing someone to our family and friends is a significant milestone in a relationship. If a man is enthusiastic (but not overly so) about introducing you to his loved ones, it's a strong indication that he's sincere in his feelings towards you. Generally, if we don't anticipate a long-term future with you, we won't make the effort to introduce you. However, if we are eager and ready to introduce you without hesitation, it signifies that we are committed to the relationship.

9. We Show Concern For Your Friends And Family

If we genuinely care about the well-being of your sick aunt or friend who's going through a difficult phase, it's a positive sign of our investment in you. If we merely say the right things but don't follow up on it, it indicates a lack of concern. However, if we demonstrate authentic care for your loved ones, it signifies that we also care for you.

10. We Go Out Of Our Way To Show You We're Sincere

A man's level of commitment can be determined by how much he's willing to inconvenience himself for you. If he goes out of his way to spend time with you, help you out with a small task, or do something that he knows will bring you happiness, there's no reason to doubt his sincerity. As men find it challenging to express their emotions straightforwardly, you should recognize when his actions are speaking louder than his words.