How To Tell When A Guy Is Flirting Via Text, According To A Guy

Despite the prevalence of texting in our daily lives, it seems we still haven't quite mastered the art of clear communication through this medium. The potential for misinterpretation is high, especially when it comes to deciphering whether someone is flirting with you or simply being friendly. This confusion can be especially challenging for women, as many men are not skilled at texting. Nevertheless, there are a few indicators that suggest he may be flirting with you.

1. He uses emojis

Typically, guys tend to avoid using emojis while texting, as they prefer to keep their messages direct and to the point. However, if he is using emojis, it's likely that he's attempting to be playful and endearing. The fact that he believes you appreciate them suggests that he's using them as a clear indicator of his interest in you.

2. He tries to make you laugh

Many guys will text you for practical purposes like checking in or making plans, but if a guy is flirting with you, he will go beyond that. He'll send you witty jokes or amusing anecdotes that he thinks will make you laugh. It's not always guaranteed that his attempts will be successful, as not every guy is a comedian, but the effort itself is a clear indication of his interest in you.

3. He texts compliments

Guys generally don't give compliments for no reason. It's either because they are trying to flirt with you or they want to impress you and gain your favor. If he is making an effort to compliment you, it's a good sign that he is interested in you romantically. For some guys, giving flirty compliments is easier through text than in person, particularly when it comes to your physical appearance.

4. He wants you to picture him with you

When a guy sends text messages that imply that he is with you or that you are with him, it's a clear sign that he is flirting. He wouldn't be painting that picture in your mind if he didn't intend for it to have some meaning. In fact, it's likely that he would like to take things further than just flirting.

5. He teases you

While teasing can occasionally be hurtful, a guy wouldn't typically spend his time texting insults to a woman. If he is teasing you in a playful manner, it's usually a clear indication that he likes you. However, not all guys are skilled at teasing, and things could get a little awkward if he misfires. Nevertheless, hopefully, it doesn't come to that!

6. He laughs (or so he says)

While you can't be certain that a guy is truly laughing, it's safe to assume that he means it when he texts "lol" or "haha." Even if he's not in fits of laughter, he's enjoying your conversation and finding it amusing. At the very least, he wants you to know that you're making him laugh. Ultimately, that's what counts.

7. He asks a lot of questions

While there may be some flexibility based on the context of the questions, most women can distinguish between flirty questions and non-flirty ones. If a guy is bombarding you with questions one after another, it's a good indication that he is invested in the conversation and desires to prolong it. However, it doesn't count if he's just parroting the same questions you've already asked him.

8. He texts back right away

While this isn't a completely foolproof method, it's conceivable that a guy might be bored and have nothing else to do except respond to your text immediately. Nevertheless, it's tough to engage in text flirting when there are long pauses between messages. Flirtatious texting is typically fast-paced and snappy. So, if a guy is maintaining a quick texting rhythm, it's a good indication that he's committed to the conversation and is focused on your text exchange. That's definitely a positive signal.