How To Tell On The First Date If He Wants A Relationship With You

He likely has made a decision on his interest and potential future plans with you after the first date. Guys tend to quickly determine if a person is a potential hookup, girlfriend, or neither. Observing certain behaviors can indicate his desire for a relationship with you.

1. He shows up on time or even early

Being late or not showing up for a planned date is a clear indication of a lack of respect for your time and interest in the date or you. If a guy values the date and you, he would make an effort to be punctual or even arrive early.


2. He wants to know all about you

A guy who is genuinely interested in a potential relationship will make an effort to get to know you on the first date. He will ask questions and show interest in your life, background, and interests, as this will help him determine if you are a good match for him. If he is not interested in getting to know you, it is unlikely he will pursue a relationship.


3. He doesn't pressure you for sex

If a guy is willing to take things slow, it is a sign that he is interested in more than just a physical relationship. He values and respects you, and wants to build a deeper connection before jumping into something more physical. This patience and restraint shows that he is invested in the possibility of a more serious relationship with you.


4. You have an amazing first kiss

A guy's deeper attraction for you may be indicated by the way he initiates physical contact, such as the first kiss. This kiss is likely to be more meaningful and heartfelt, rather than just a physical act. It can be a powerful indication of his interest in a deeper connection with you, and will likely leave a lasting impression on you.


5. He asks for a second date

If a guy is interested in a relationship with you, he will likely show it by asking you out again during the first date. He is eager to secure plans for a future date, and doesn't want to miss the opportunity to spend more time with you. This behavior is not pushy, but rather an indication of his genuine interest in a relationship with you.


6. He doesn't stop smiling all night

A guy may be smiling because he is genuinely happy and enjoying spending time with you. He may feel lucky to be in your presence and feel a sense of contentment and joy being around you. This smile can be an indication of his positive feelings towards you, and not just physical attraction.

7. He doesn't want it to end

A guy may try to prolong the date by suggesting additional activities, such as dessert after dinner, as a way to extend the time spent together. This behavior is a sign that he is enjoying your company and wants to keep the night from ending. He is not ready to say goodbye and wants to spend more time with you. This is a positive indication that he is interested in you and having a good time on the date.


8. He sends a sweet goodnight text

A guy may send a goodnight text message shortly after the date as a way to keep himself in your thoughts and to let you know he enjoyed the time spent together. It also serves as a subtle indication that he is open to communication and would like to hear from you soon. This behavior is a sign of his interest in you and a desire to continue the connection established during the date.


9. He maintains eye contact

If a guy is constantly looking around or checking out other people during your first date, it's likely that he is not fully invested in getting to know you. On the other hand, a guy who maintains eye contact and is engaged in conversation with you is showing that he is interested in you and wants to get to know you better. This kind of attention and focus is a good indication that he is worth investing your time and energy in.


10. He's a total modern gentleman

When a guy demonstrates traditional acts of chivalry, such as opening doors, guiding you through a crowded space, or pulling out your chair, it is a sign that he is trying to make a good impression on you. This behavior is often a sign that he is interested in impressing you and potentially pursuing a relationship. When combined with other signs of interest, such as maintaining eye contact and showing interest in getting to know you, it is a strong indication of his feelings towards you.


11. He goes out of his way to make you laugh

When a guy is making an effort to make you laugh, it's a sign that he is invested in your happiness and enjoyment. He wants to see you happy and hearing your laughter brings him pleasure. This behavior can also be seen as a way for him to show that he could be a source of happiness and joy for you in a long-term relationship. It's a positive indication that he is interested in something more than just a physical connection with you.


12. He wants to know more about you

How many times do you need to get your date's attention by snapping your fingers? It can feel like trying to engage a group of disinterested teenagers. A truly interested partner will not only pay attention but also ask questions to get to know you better. They will want to know more about your interests and preferences.


13. He's open about himself

A first date should not be a struggle to learn about the other person. When someone is genuinely interested in a relationship, they will be open and willing to share information about themselves. While they may exaggerate or present themselves in a positive light, this is normal and to be expected.

14. He doesn't want the conversation to stop

Many first-date conversations tend to lose steam halfway through. However, if a guy is truly interested, he will keep the conversation flowing and engaged till the end. This shows that he is not only interested in getting to know you but also in keeping the conversation going, which can be a refreshing change of pace.


15. He says it

It may seem obvious, but some women may misinterpret a man's intentions. If a man states on the first date that he is looking for a relationship, it is likely that he is being genuine. However, it is important to consider the context and other actions, such as trying to pressure you into going home with him. While one or two signs of interest may be a coincidence, the more signs you see, the more likely it is that he is envisioning a future with you, including spending cozy nights together and introducing you to his family.


How To Have An Epic First Date

1. Wear something that makes you feel hot as hell

When going on a first date, it is important to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and attractive. This doesn't necessarily mean wearing high heels and a mini-skirt, it's about wearing what makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel confident, it will show and your date will take notice. Whatever attire that makes you look at yourself in the mirror and feel great, go for that. If you walk into the room with a confident attitude, it will be felt by your date.


2. Put your phone away

It is important to put your phone away during a first date, unless it is a dire emergency and you need to call for help. Avoid leaving it on the table or in view, and actually put it away. We spend a lot of time on our phones and a first date is not the time to continue this habit. If the date goes well and he expresses interest in a relationship, it will be because you gave him your full attention and were fully engaged in the conversation and experience, not because of the time you spent scrolling on social media.


3. Be hopeful but realistic

It's okay to be optimistic about the potential of a first date, but it's also important to be realistic and not get too disappointed if it doesn't work out. Maintaining a balance between hope and reality will help you have a more enjoyable experience.

4. Express curiosity but also show off your listening skills

Be open and inquisitive when talking to him, but also actively listen and pay attention to what he has to say. Show him that you're genuinely interested in him as a person, while being mindful not to make it feel like an interview. Remembering details he shared might come in useful in the future.


5. Don't share too much too soon

It's best to hold back on sharing too much about your future plans and goals at the start of a relationship. Revealing everything too soon may be overwhelming for him. Let things develop naturally and at a comfortable pace. As you get to know each other better, he'll realize he wants a relationship with you and then you can share your long-term aspirations.