How To Tell If You're With An Emotional Manipulator

How To Tell If You’re With An Emotional Manipulator

People get into relationships with all sorts of people these days. Some are lucky enough to find their perfect soulmate and someone who is their equal in every way. Some end up with totally unsuitable partners or, worse still, narcissistic ones.

There are also those who may find themselves with an emotional manipulator, although they may not realize it at first. Various signs could indicate you are with this type of expert manipulator, some of which we will look at in this article.


Some Of The Signs To Look For

If you want to determine whether you are with an emotional manipulator, there are various signs that you should look out for. Some of these are:

They Often Lay The Blame On You

One thing that emotional manipulators are very good at doing is to lay the blame on you for anything that happens. Even if the problem were down to them, they would not accept the blame for it and before long, the blame will lie squarely at your door.


The key thing here is that these people will not just blame you for something that happened – they will also have you believe that you are to blame. This is something that these manipulators are very good at doing.

They Make Themselves Out To Be The Victim

The typical emotional manipulator is eager to get the sympathy of others, not to mention getting more attention. One of how they do this is by making themselves out to be the victim of anything bad that happens.


By playing the victim, these people know that you are more likely to pander to their needs, give them bags of sympathy, and make them the center of attention. Even if they were the perpetrator rather than the victim, they would soon have you believing that someone else was to blame.

They Talk The Talk But Don't Follow Through

Another thing to keep in mind about emotional manipulators is that they are very good and talking the talk but never follow through by walking the walk. In other words, they know exactly the right things to say to push all the right buttons, but they rarely follow this through with actions.


In fact, there can be a stark difference between what these people say and what they do, which is another major tell-tale sign of an emotional manipulator. Often, this is done to pull you into a false sense of security.

They Are Habitual Liars

Most people tell the odd lie now and again, and often these are white lies to help diffuse certain situations or make someone feel better. However, with an emotional manipulator, you may find that the majority of what comes out of their mouth is a lie.


These are people that are often habitual liars and they will lie about pretty much anything and everything. Often, there is not even any purpose to the lie – they simply lie about the smallest things because that is what they have become accustomed to doing.

They Fool You Into Trusting Them

With their various actions and behaviors, an emotional manipulator can easily fool you into trusting them implicitly, which is one of their main aims. You may not realize that you are being played and you might walk straight into their trap.


These manipulators are generally very adepts at what they do, which is why they find it so easy to deceive people. They are masters at what they do, and they have no regard for how the other person feels when being manipulated in this way.

Experts At Fooling People

As you can see, an emotional manipulator can work on you in many ways in order to basically gain control. It is important to look out for behaviors such as those outlined above if you are concerned you might be with an emotional manipulator.