How To Tell If It Is Real Love Or An Illusion

Every time you see the object of your affection, you get that tingling feeling and your heart beats out of your chest. Although it feels like love, it's essential to differentiate between real love and the illusion of love. If you don't investigate further, it can be tough to tell the difference. Therefore, before giving your heart to your partner, make sure the love is genuine.

1. You Feel Like This Time It's Different

If your previous relationships have failed, it's natural to be cautious about new ones. However, this relationship may be different. You may feel that you've found something unique and unlike any other experience in your dating history. This could be a sign that it's true love. On the other hand, if this relationship feels similar to your past experiences, it may be an illusion. This is especially true if you've believed you were in love before, only to discover that it wasn't real. Don't let yourself fall into the same destructive cycle again.


2. You've Forgotten All About Your Ex

Before starting your current relationship, you may have had some issues, but they've all been left behind. Your ex is a distant memory, and if they reappear in your life, it won't affect you. If your love is genuine, no one can compare to your current partner, and you won't even consider going back to your ex. However, if your emotions are an illusion, things might not be so straightforward.


3. You Love Them For The Good And The Bad

Genuine love is unconditional. Even if your partner has some quirks or habits that may bother you, if you truly love them, you'll accept these as part of who they are. It's not genuine love if you try to change them to fit your ideal partner. Loving them for who they are, and them doing the same for you, is what true love is all about.


4. The Love Is Reciprocated

When the person you love doesn't seem to love you back, it's a clear indication that your feelings are not reciprocated. True love requires mutual affection and the shared experience of monumental moments. You can tell if someone loves you by their actions and behavior towards you. Settling for anything less than true love is not worth it.


5. You Finally Feel Like Yourself

If you're not being yourself in a relationship and are putting on a fa├žade to please your partner, then that's not true love. Pretending to enjoy activities or lifestyles that you don't actually like just to impress someone is the opposite of genuine love. Evaluate how you feel in this relationship compared to your past relationships. If your partner makes you feel comfortable being your authentic self, then that's a sign of a healthy and lasting relationship.


6. You Just Keep Falling

The connection between two people can improve over time, both romantically and sexually. However, it's important to note that as the relationship becomes more comfortable, the level of affection and love should deepen as well. Just because you can share a cozy moment with your significant other doesn't mean you aren't experiencing greater happiness with them every day.


7. You Feel Secure In The Relationship

It's a common misconception that jealousy is a sign of love. In reality, unchecked jealousy is a clear indication that the love you feel is nothing more than an illusion. True love is accompanied by a sense of security, knowing that your love is reciprocated. You won't have to worry about your partner's feelings because their actions will speak for themselves. In a healthy and loving relationship, you can relax and stop worrying about the status of your relationship, which is a huge relief.


8. You've Got Your Eye On The Future

Once you have entered into a relationship, the thought of your partner is inevitably intertwined with your future plans. Whether it's something as simple as an office gathering or as grand as a trip overseas, imagining a future without your significant other seems impossible. If your future fantasies don't involve your partner, it may be an indication that your feelings aren't genuine.


9. It Feels Easy

True love should never be a source of agony or require you to persuade your partner to reciprocate your feelings. When it's real, it's effortless.

10. You Care About Their Happiness

A desire to ensure your partner's well-being and happiness is natural in any relationship. However, this doesn't mean sacrificing your own health and happiness to cater to their needs. If you find yourself neglecting your own well-being for the sake of making your partner happy, it's a sign that something is amiss. It's important to remember that your happiness matters too, and that letting go may be necessary in certain situations, such as job relocations or disagreements about marriage and children.