How To Tell If A Guy Likes You And What You Can Do To Make Him Yours

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You And What You Can Do To Make Him Yours

We spend hours, days, obsessing, trying to figure out the age-old question: how to tell if a guy likes you.

We do it when we're teens and as adults. It's crazy that we always know what to say to our friends, but we are clueless about our love interests.

No girl hasn't asked the question, "How do I know if he likes me?" at least once in her life, right? More realistically, it happens almost on a daily basis.

Yes, "how do I know if he likes me" is a question that bothers so many ladies on this planet, but maybe you should look for the answers on the other side first.

We'll share the secret codes that will expose him and help you do more than wonder.

How to tell if a guy likes you: 5 clear signs

There are many nonverbal signs which clearly show that guy is interested in you, and it's up to you to recognize them. We'll present to you the most common ones.

He changes his behavior when he's near you.

Guys react differently to stress, but they always behave a little bit differently than usual when they like a girl.

Either they talk more, or they even don't speak a word, or pretend to be cool.

If you find that he's behaving weirdly or not like he usually does, it's highly possible that he likes you. Yet, he doesn't know how to show it to you.

He asks for your Instagram or Facebook, or any social network.

It's pretty simple - guys are always interested in communicating with girls they like through social networks.

If he texts you daily, likes your posts and photos, comments on your photos in a flattering way... These are clear signs that he's genuinely interested in you.

Pay attention to his eyebrows.

When you see someone attractive to you, your eyebrows will lift unconsciously. That unconscious reaction happens both to girls and guys.

That small, almost undetectable movement reveals a lot. If he likes you, his eyebrows will lift, and it will take a brief period, just a few seconds. Be focused, and try to catch that moment!

How to tell if a guy likes you? It's in the details!

Even if you met only once and he remembers some details from your previous conversation,

Whether it's about your clothes that day, shoes, a scarf, or your personality in general, guys show their affection and sympathy with compliments.

He discusses his plans with you.

Believe it or not, guys rarely have any long-term plans.

Still, if he discusses any of his future "big" plans, that means that he cares about your opinion. He's trying to involve you in his life. You can see potential in that!

What to do if your love interest is someone you know?

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. But what should you do if it happens with your old friend, colleague, coworker…? It sounds like a tricky one.

Actually, it happens a lot, and more often than you think. Commonly, people fall in love with someone they know.

According to studies, most people meet their love partners among old friends, at college or work.

Spending hours and hours in the same space with someone every day, sharing your emotions, stories, and whole lives, you get to know someone as they truly are.

But how to deal with that? How to tell him that you want something more?

Well, make it clear. Truth is always the best solution. Express your feelings, tell him what you think and feel. But don't be pushy, because most probably, you won't get a reply immediately.

Imagine that you, Mr. Perfect, might be shocked at the first moment. But if he feels the same, he'll tell you anyway. Just don't put pressure on him.

Let the time pass, act like before, be grown up enough to accept any answer, and prepare yourself mentally for that.

How to tell if a guy likes you, yet you just met?

Mysterious smiles, meaningful eye contact, subtle touches are all part of getting not just a guy to notice you.

It's a way of letting him know that you want something, yet you're not quite sure. Guys tend to say they're not into games, but flirting is one game we all enjoy.

While flirting sounds strangely demanding, it's essential to be positive and have fun. Try to be polite, calm, and let the conversation flow.

Awkward silences aren't always a bad sign. You can use them to lock in eye contact or to collect your thoughts.

It's essential to be in a good mood but not euphoric. Your assertive energy will make him feel good and comfortable in your company.

But don't try to fascinate him. The more you force yourself to enchant someone - the less chance that it will happen. Be natural and spontaneous and imagine that you're talking with your best friend.

You won't be anxious, and you'll present him with the best version of yourself. It's a situation where it's not how to tell if a guy likes you. It's more about having a good talk with someone you find interesting.

Talk about your interests, positive experiences in your life, and about the things you like and have a good time.

So, talk, laugh, and try to enjoy just being at that place with that guy. The most important thing is that he likes you as you are.

Making the first move - good and bad sides:

It's an unwritten rule that guys should approach girls they like. But times and rules are changing, and according to some researches, women who make the first move are happier in their relationships.

Since you know that you want to get a guy, why wait? You're free to make the first move since it's the 21st century.

Are you ready for that? Let's do some pros and cons, merely to prove a point, which you'll find right after the list:

It can boost your confidence.

It's a skill that needs exercise. People are generally attracted to confidence. If you're comfortable in your own skin, guys see you as someone who's their equal, someone who can be more than just a hookup.

Having a perfect body or a flawless face doesn't mean a thing if you don't have personality traits that are making you desirable and sexy. And confidence tops all of these characteristics.

Wear clothes you're comfortable in, as long as it's nothing sloppy or overly dramatic. Guys tend to like girls who appear to be natural, so if you're over the top bohemian queen, simply tone it down.

Guys are into it.

Forget about the stories that men are hunters who love mysterious women - sometimes they just want a girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it!

Your outgoing nature might be one of your most attractive characteristics. And if you are tired of asking how to tell if a guy likes you, make your move.

You have nothing to lose.

If he accepts your flirting, that's it! And if he's not interested - at least you've tried and now you know what you're up to.

Anyway, it's better to approach than to stand aside and wait for something to happen. All while pondering how to tell if a guy likes you.

The downside of making the first move:

There are only two things that might change if you tell a guy you like how you feel. It will either become a truly awkward situation, or he's going to start to act like a jerk.

Obviously, most guys who are doing the rejecting are trying to be kind and friendly. But, a small amount of them will start an ego trip that will make you fall out of love. It really is that simple.

While there's no love potion, getting a guy to notice you are not as difficult as we tend to make it. All men are boys until women turn them into real men, but first, you have to get him to see you.

So really, it's not the story if he likes you, rather it's about getting him to realize that you will be a good match. At least for a while, if not longer.

Men are visual creates, but they also love to joke around and enjoy being taken care of. There's no need to change everything you are just to get a guy to like you.

However, you do need to work on your sense of self or at least fake it until you truly start believing that you're a confident, excellent person who deserves attention.