How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 30 Clear Signs She's Into You

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 30 Clear Signs She’s Into You

That girls are complex to understand is no myth, and like many guys, you can go crazy wondering how to tell if a girl likes you or not, especially if you don't understand what signs to look out for.

But once you understand a thing or two about female psychology, you will have an easier time knowing if she likes you or not.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

1. When You Touch Her, She Notices And Reacts

When I speak of reaction, I mean a positive one. If she pulls her hand away or seems upset, then that's a bad sign.

But if she smiles and does not object, then odds are that she likes you.

Even the most platonic touch will get a reaction, at least in the early stages of the relationship.

2. If She Seems Nervous Or Shy, She Likes You

When a girl likes you, she will often seem nervous and shy when in your presence. She can touch her face, blink more, play with her hair, or fidget.

3. She Acts Differently Around You

You might notice subtle changes in the girl's personality when she is in your presence. But to know this, you must first understand how she normally behaves.

For instance, if she seems chatty and self-assured around her friends but seems shy and nervous around you, then it's probably because she likes you.

You might also notice that she is treating you differently from anyone else around you, although she barely knows you.

4. She Keeps Looking At You Because She Likes You

When a girl likes you, she will seek eye contact, deliberately or not. Also, when your eyes meet, she will often smile or look nervous and shy.

5. She Is Attentive To You

A girl who likes you will give you her undivided attention. She will seem very animated around you, and she will seem like she can't have enough of you.

6. She Sometimes Looks At You Closely To See Your Reaction After Doing Or Saying Something

Maybe you are in a group swapping stories. Everyone is giving their opinions.

But when it's your turn, you notice that she is especially attentive to hear what you have to say. Similarly, when she is saying something, it's like she is saying it to you.

She wants to see how you will react to determine what kind of partner you would make.

7. If She Likes You She Can't Get Her Hands Off You

Not all girls will behave like this, but most will. When a girl likes you, she will have a lot of reasons to touch you.

But understand that touching does not mean you are invited to have sex with her.

8. Laughing When You Are Talking

When you like someone, you enjoy their company so much you can laugh at almost anything they say. Girls also do this when close to a guy they like.

Even when you make bad jokes, you can see that she laughs so much at them.

9. She Asks Lots Of Questions

She would not be so curious to know everything about you if she did not like you. That is why she will ask many questions.

A girl asks these questions partly because she hopes you will ask her the same questions. She also desires to create a connection between the two of you and desires that you develop trust for each other.

There can be no healthy relationship without deep knowledge of each other.

10. Her Pupils Dilate Around You

Dilation of pupils is a very good sign a girl likes you. However, don't count on noticing this sign, you can easily miss it.

Besides, staring into her eyes too much might creep her out.

11. She Agrees To Your Plans

A girl who doesn't like you will never have time for you, and she will not want to spend much time around you.

But when she is into you, she will even make compromises to accommodate your plans.

12. She Preens Herself On Seeing You

If whenever you see the girl she seems to fix something about herself such as her clothes and hair, then she likes you.

She might even try to put on some lipstick, and it's because she wants you to see her potential.

13. She Glows In Your Presence

Girls can literally glow when around those they like or love. Being around someone she likes floods her with the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which increases blood flow and makes the girl glow.

14. When She Stands, She Pulls Her Shoulders Back And Sucks In her Stomach

If she is doing this, she is obviously trying to impress you with her physique. She wants to draw attention to her bosom and her fit body.

She might also work in a catwalk for a chance to wiggle her bum and give you a better blast of her irresistible femininity.

15. She Often Agrees With You

Although the saying goes that opposites attract, we want a partner we have a lot of things in common with.

So, if the girl seems to agree with a lot of things you have to say, then it's a sign she likes you and does not mind being associated with things you approve of.

Agreeing with you allows her to have a deeper relationship with you. That's hard when you are arguing about everything.

16. She Might Seem Indecisive

Not all girls will be indecisive when around men they like. And also, indecision is not a sure sign she likes you.

But a girl who likes you might be all over you one day and ignore you the next, only to approach you with a lot of warmth later.

That shows she might have feelings for you but hasn't decided how to handle them.

17. She Blushes A lot Around You

A girl who likes you will seem shy, or a little embarrassed around you. She will blush even more when you compliment her.

18. A Girl Who Likes You Will Let You Notice Her Quirks

A girl who likes you will reveal a lot of things about herself to get your attention. She will tell you about her favorite books, shows, and other peculiarities.

On a subconscious level, this shows she feels comfortable around you, which is why she doesn't mind showing you things the world does not know about her.

19. When She Really Likes You, She Licks Her Lips

Obviously, this is a sign she is very physically attracted to you and might be receptive to an intimate physical relationship with you.

20. She Turns To Face You

When you are both sitting facing the same direction, and she takes the trouble to turn and orient her body towards you, then she is into you.

She is giving you all her attention.

21. She Gets Nervous When You Find Her With Another Guy

She might blush or appear shy when you meet her with another guy. It's because she is concerned you might lose interest in her by thinking she is with this other guy.

In extreme scenarios, she might stop giving the guy much attention and try to strike up a conversation with you to show you he is not that important to her.

22. Her Feet Pointing At You Shows She Likes You

Psychologists insist that someone who likes you will point their feet towards you. Consequently, if you see her feet pointing away from you, then that's bad.

23. When She Caresses What's In Her Hands, She Likes You

When you are around a woman who likes you and she is holding something, she will seem to caress the object gently. That's a subconscious sign she is into you.

But if the attention she gives to the object is fleeting, then it might have nothing to do with her having feelings for you.

24. She Takes An interest In Your Interests

After asking you lots of questions and knowing your favorite teams, music, and so forth, she now seems to like them so much.

That's a good sign she's into you. This is one of the most common signs on how to tell if a girl likes you.

25. She Lets You Get Into Her Personal Space

Most people are very protective of their personal space. And when they feel that someone is invading their personal space, they will often get away.

But if a girl allows you to be in her personal space, then that's a sign she likes you.

26. She Doesn't Like It When You Flirt With Other Girls

Even if she might not openly show it, she might seem eager to get away because she can't stand it.

27. She Always Stays In Touch When She Likes You

If you have already exchanged numbers, and she keeps reaching out to you, then it's because she likes you.

A girl who keeps reaching out certainly has you on her mind, which makes this a powerful sign on how to tell if a girl likes you.

28. When She Likes You, She'll Enjoy Talking To You

Talking to a girl you like will seem easy and fun. You can plan on meeting for a few minutes, but realize you have spent hours together and still have plenty to talk about.

If she didn't like you, she would not spend so much time on you.

29. She Hardly Eats When You Are Present

In a study done in Canada, women eat less when in front of those they like. They particularly eat less when in front of men, especially when they have feelings for them.

It's because subconsciously, eating less shows femininity, attractiveness, and desirability. However, once she gets more comfortable being in your presence, she will eat normally.

30. She Uses A Different Voice When Around You

Research has shown that our pitch changes when talking to those we like. With a girl, look out for a softer and huskier voice if you want to find out if she likes you.

31. She Really Likes You When She Starts Saying "We"

When a girl says "we", that's a powerful sign she is into you. She can say "we are alike in this", "we should do something over the weekend" and so forth.

That indicates she thinks of the two of you as one. This is one of the most powerful signs the girl is totally into you.

32. When Talking To You, She Leans In And Tilts Her Head

She does this to show how seriously she takes the conversation you are having. She does this to make you attracted to her.

Make sure you don't lean in as well, as that would show you are competing for each other's attention, which would be counterproductive.

33. Her Friends Seem Anxious To Leave Once You Are Close To Her

The way her friend's act can show you that the girl likes you. If she likes you, odds are that her friends know it.

That is why they try to give you some time alone when you two get close.

34. Mirroring Shows She Likes You

This happens on a subconscious level with all of us when we like someone. It can include the copying of hand gestures or even the words you are saying.

It is one of the clearest tips on how to tell if a girl likes you.

35. She Has "Open" Body Language

If a girl feels free to expose her arms and legs in your presence, then it's because she is comfortable around you. It can also show she considers you a friend.

But when you hardly know each other and she uses an "open" body language, then that's an amazing sign she likes you.

Finally, while there are many signs that a girl likes you, it's important to understand that different women have different personalities. That's why some tricks on how to tell if a girl likes you, might not be evident with some girls.