How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Creeping Her Out

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Creeping Her Out

Let's discuss an exciting but still very important issue, and it's about how to tell a girl you like her without screwing it up. So, if you could use a little help telling that girl you like why you freeze and mumble every time you are in her presence, then rest easy: we are here to help.

Some things should be easy, but they are not.

Girls are easily scared away. So, you should be careful not to ruin a potentially good thing for lack of tact.


It's easy telling a guy you like him. But for a girl, the same sentiments can sound creepy and weird.

And yet, this is something you have to do because it's the only way the girl might know you have feelings for her. Otherwise, hiding these feelings might mean losing a great girl.

But rather than have regrets about things you should have said and didn't, it's always better to tell a girl how you feel about her.


And to avoid messing it up when telling a girl you like her, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Be Sure To Keep The Conversation Alive

If you haven't talked in a while with the girl and you suddenly blurt out you like or even love her, you might come off as a joke.


So, keep talking to her regularly, and ensure she feels comfortable broaching personal subjects with you.

Find some topics you both like to talk about, and from there, you will have a more reasonable basis to express your feelings towards her.

2. Befriend Her

A girl who is already your friend will not find it weird when you tell her you have feelings for her. As you probably know, most romances begin as friendships.


So, if you want to tell a girl you have feelings for her, then it would be a great idea to make her a friend first. This way, you can know what she is like and how she likes to receive certain kinds of information.

At the end of the day, each girl is unique. So, there is no definite formula on how to tell a girl you like her.

3. Drop Some Hints

Saying the words "I like you" can feel like dropping a bomb on the girl hearing them. And so, you can use other ways of making her think you like her.


For instance, you can give her more compliments than she might expect, or be nice to her in a way nobody else is.

She will notice the behavior and wonder if you like her, and it will not be so surprising when you finally tell her you do.

She might even come right out and ask if you like her, which would be the perfect moment to tell her how you feel about her.

4. Dress Well And Look Confident

Even though you have seen this girl multiple times, make sure you look your best when you finally decide to let her know you like her. So, take a shower, dress well, and wear nice cologne.


If you look nice and presentable, she will find you more attractive and will be more welcoming to any attempts to approach her.

When you say you like her in this state, she will be more likely to take you seriously and respond positively.

5. Plan The Moment Properly

If you barely know the girl, don't start pouring your heart out to her and telling her how much you love her. That's creepy.


It will be shocking and unpleasant, and you will seem insincere and weird.

You should ideally wait until the girl at least expects that you would say something of the sort. She should at least know you well enough to find the words palatable.

6. Tell Her In Person

It's easy telling a girl how you feel about her over the phone or through a text. But many girls don't take such information seriously, because lots of guys do it.


So, make sure you tell her you like her in person. Calling or texting will show a lack of confidence on your part, and that can be a huge turn-off.

Girls like guys who can express themselves properly.

7. Let Her Friends Know You Like Her

You don't have to be completely blunt about it. Letting her friends know you are interested in knowing her better will make them realize that you like her.


Once she gets that information, she will be more accepting of the news that you like her because she will be expecting you to say it.

8. Cultivate Physical Intimacy

Without going overboard, get physical with the girl to make her feel comfortable around you and make her see you as a romantic prospect. You can touch her, hold her hand, or even kiss her.


If she is receptive to this, odds are that she will also respond positively to you when you tell her you like her.

9. Give Her Subtle Compliments

Subtle compliments can easily go unnoticed. That makes them very effective at warming her up to the compliments that will follow.

The best compliments are those that won't focus so much on her body, as those can easily get creepy or seem manipulative.


10. Don't Obsess Over Her

If you make a girl look very special, she will feel that you are less special. She will think it's because you are not good enough for her, and that will make her less receptive to your advances.

Instead, focus on making her have a good time and feeling comfortable around you. In a light and playful manner, make her feel like she can be herself around you.


When you finally tell her you like her, chances are that she will feel the same way. Consequently, she will be ready to hear the words and it will be much easier to express how much you like her.

11. Have The Right Words, It's An Important Step On How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

It's true you have feelings, and it's also true you have the boldness to express them. But are you armed with the right words?


Don't make her anxious if you can see that she expects you to speak your mind. Just be direct and to the point, and she will appreciate the honesty.

Making her guess what's going on will diminish the value of your words. And you don't have to use any complicated words; just tell her you like her.

It's that simple.

12. Spend Some Time With Her

Time is very precious, especially to a guy with lots of things to do. So, if you regularly make time for the girl, it will be pretty obvious you like her before you even say it yourself.


13. Prepare To Explain Why You Like Her

A girl might require you to explain why you like her after you confess this sentiment. She might need this before she can give you a response.

So, be ready.

14. Know As Much As Possible About Her

If you do nothing but talk about random things with this girl, you need to improve on that if you are planning on telling her how you feel about her.


Ask her some personal questions and get to know her better. If she doesn't mind answering such questions, then telling her how you feel might also be welcome.

15. Look Into Her Eyes

Don't look at the ground or away from her while telling her you love her. Instead, look at her so she sees that you are focused entirely on her.

When your eyes lock, gently explain to her how much you like her. Many girls will never forget the special moment, and that will be a huge advantage to you and possibly earn you a positive response from her.


16. Be Flirtatious

When you flirt with her regularly, you will find it much easier to tell her how you truly feel. Besides, flirting is a good way for you to know how much she really loves you.

So, learn to tease and joke around with her to make her comfortable around you and make her see you as a romantic candidate. That will make it easier for you to tell her you like her.


17. Smile

Sometimes, presentation is everything, and as they say, body language is very important. If you mumble your feelings for her due to self-doubt, it will be harder for her to have confidence in what you are saying.

Strong body language will assure her you are sure of your feelings and are determined to prove that you like her.

18. Know Her Friends

People have those they care about, and they feel much better when these people are getting along. For that reason, you should make sure you know the girl's friends and can get along with them.


When she knows how much you are involved in her life by liking her friends, you will find it easier to tell her you like her.

19. Back Up Your Words

After you tell her you like her, she might not give you any response, and will probably expect you to prove your words. That is why you should be ready to suggest what you would like to do next.

You can ask her out and do something fun or romantic. It's really up to you and her.


But if she admits to not having the same feeling, then don't feel bad. At least you learned the truth and can now move on comfortably.

20. Take Her Aside And Tell Her You Like Her

If you are confident that the girl is ready to hear how you feel about her and would like to do it in a special way, then you can do it privately.


You can take her aside if you are in a group and find someplace quiet where you can talk. Then you can tell her what you feel about her.

Under the circumstances, such news might be quite welcome.

Like it or not, some things are hard to put into words. That is why learning how to tell a girl you like her is an art many guys should master to avoid ruining this special relationship moment.