How To Talk To Girls: 20 Easy Tips To Do It More Easily

How To Talk To Girls: 20 Easy Tips To Do It More Easily

Many guys are clueless about many things touching on the female gender, including how to talk to girls properly. For many of them, striking up a conversation, especially with a girl they like, can be a monumental challenge that can be incredibly mortifying.

And yet, many guys have an easy time talking with the ladies and having the time of their lives.

What's their secret?

Ultimately, practice is the most important factor. Along with that, you have to make an effort to learn how to have a conversation with girls.

That is actually quite easy, all you need are a few tips on how to talk to girls, and here they are.

1. Prepare For Rejection

Ironic, I know. But rejection is to be expected as you talk to girls, especially when you have the intention of asking them to go out on dates with you.

That is why rejection should be the least of your worries. The truth is that not all girls will accept your advances or even your attempt to strike up a conversation with them.

And so, if you feel the urge to talk to any girl, put all fears aside and just do it. Eventually, you will meet a girl who will be totally charmed by you, and the effort will be worth it.

You can never really master how to talk to girls unless you brace yourself for the possibility of getting rejected.

2. Ask Her Questions

You may be terrible at starting conversations. That's okay. Many people have the same problem.

Fortunately, you don't have to do most of the talking to be a good conversationalist. By simply asking the right questions, you can get a girl so excited to talk to you.

But as you ask all these questions, there are some areas to avoid. You should avoid exes, money, and bad friends.

And also, learn to be a good listener. Girls appreciate a guy who can listen.

3. If You Have No Idea What She's Talking About, Be Honest

Sometimes, she is bound to talk about something you have no idea about. And if that happens, don't be afraid that you have nothing to contribute.

You could make yourself a fool in the process and even end up seeming arrogant when you argue over things you hardly understand.

If you don't know anything, ask questions. She will feel you are more mature and will be honored to share her knowledge with you.

By giving her this power, she will give you a chance to see who she is, and that will help your relationship more.

4. Consider Your Interests Before You Talk To Her

It is much easier talking about things you love. So, take time to consider your passions and interests.

When you are talking about things you love, you become the greatest conversationalist ever. You can make a shortlist of things you love, such as music, art, and so forth.

Since you cannot carry your notes around as you talk to people, make a mental note of all these conversation topics.

5. Compliment Her

If you shower her with too many compliments, they will sound fake and she will not find you genuine. So, make sure you give her a real compliment.

Also, choose the right time to do it. The most appropriate time to give a compliment is during the silent moments in between the conversations.

The compliment will keep the conversation going, and it will give you plenty of confidence if she takes it well.

You can compliment her on her hair, clothes, laugh, and whatever else stands out to you about her.

6. Stay Positive

Being positive shows you are confident. That also means focusing on more interesting topics to keep the conversation fun and positive.

7. Be Straightforward As You Talk To Her

Many guys mistakenly think they have to use lots of words to get a girl to agree to their requests. But being direct is the best approach.

If you want to go on a date with her, ask her directly. By making it obvious what you want, she will have more respect for you and will be more likely to indulge your suggestions.

8. Hug Her When You Meet

When you finally meet the girl you have been meaning to talk to for a while, hug her. There should be no hesitation or waiting to see what she does.

That will get things started on the right foot. Also, it will reduce awkwardness and make you comfortable around each other.

A hug might seem a small thing in relation to what you are trying to achieve, but it can make a huge difference. In any case, there is no single move that will get the girl all over you.

It takes small gestures carefully and properly executed to make her warm up to you.

9. Learn The Difference Between What You Say And How You Say It

In most cases, girls care more about how you say something than what you are actually saying. Delivery is very important.

You can say your name in a certain way and have her hooked right away, while you can also tell her a lot of sweet things and she won't care at all.

Girls look for the meaning behind their words, which is why how you say something is so important. Your manner of speaking will help her know if you are flirting, being friendly, or just messing around.

Obviously, you should make sure you create the right impression based on what you are trying to achieve by talking to her.

10. Despite The Fear, Talk To Her Anyway

It's scary talking to girls, especially when you have little experience in the art. But you cannot let fear stand in your way.

So, even though the idea of talking to them makes you sweat through your clothes, it's better to do it anyway.

It is only by overcoming your fears that you can eventually gather the confidence to talk to girls as you like.

11. As You Talk To Her, Use The Right Body Language

You might be telling the girl a lot of things, but instead of seeing a guy who is genuinely interested in her, she might be seeing someone who is trying to take advantage of her or someone who has no idea what he wants.

Research has shown that words account for just 20% of the conversation, while body language and tonality take up the other 80%.

Therefore, you should be confident and act like someone who genuinely enjoys her company to keep the conversation alive.

12. Give Her Feedback

By giving her feedback, it will show you are paying attention to whatever she is saying. To many girls, that makes a huge difference.

You can use remarks like "wow,", "really?" "hmm," "that's amazing!" and "unbelievable" among others. Such phrases show you are an amazing listener and a great conversationalist.

13. Avoid Difficult Topics

When you have just met her, it's important to avoid topics that could bring a rift between the two of you.

For instance, politics can get a little controversial.

Arguing over religious matters would also be a huge mistake, especially before you know her stance. So, learn to avoid such topics to avoid awkward moments during your interactions with her.

14. Never Brag As You Talk To Her

In your attempt to impress the girl, you might try to show off your positive qualities. While there is nothing wrong with letting her know you have a lot to offer, you have to make sure you don't end up looking like a braggart.

If you do that, she will immediately dismiss you as she did many other guys who came before you. Bragging gives her the impression that you think she is not good enough for you, and she will automatically reject you and move on.

Besides, bragging makes her feel you have limited experience with women, and she most likely won't have the patience to put up with you.

Some guys mistakenly think bragging about their achievements is how to talk to girls in a way that will impress them. But it's the farthest thing from it.

15. Don't Be Too Excited As You Talk To Her

When you are overexcited, you will seem out of control or even too eager. That is not the impression you want to create since the girl is likely to take you less seriously in that state.

Ideally, you should be mildly amused. That makes you look like you are in charge.

However, you should be alert and give her a healthy dose of attention to make her feel her presence matters to you. Girls also want to talk to guys who are worth the effort, and holding back your amusement a little creates that impression.

16. Use Technology To Your Advantage

Speaking to her face to face can be extremely overwhelming. Thankfully, with modern technology, you can overcome this hurdle brilliantly.

You can call or text her and even arrange dates without a dreadful face-to-face conversation.

17. Make Her Laugh

A sense of humor is very important to women. Studies show that it demonstrates a higher level of intelligence in the man.

This does not mean you have to cram jokes to tell her as you chat. You must learn to make the girl laugh during your conversations, even without telling jokes or trying too hard.

Generally, being positive and looking like you are having fun can make you seem like a pretty humorous guy.

The idea is to make her enjoy herself, and she will easily remember you and open up to you and any advances you might be trying to make.

In other words, don't be boring. Being fun is critical as you learn how to talk to girls.

18. Talk To Her About Her Job

Whether she hates it or loves it, a girl will love speaking about her job. She can go on and on about it, and there are many angles from which to discuss what she does for a living.

She might even decide to vent, and by offering her a shoulder to lean on, she will consider you a friend, and the conversation will flow more naturally.

19. Focus The Conversation On Her

Many people are very happy talking about things they are passionate about. That means you can focus your conversation on her.

In particular, discuss her passions, her most exciting adventures, and make playful guesses at things she probably enjoys.

The reason you should talk about her is that it will make the conversation much easier for you. And besides, people love talking about themselves to people who seem to appreciate them.

20. Have A Goal In Mind As You Talk To Her

Long-winded conversations might make you feel like you have mastered how to talk to girls, but that's hardly the truth. You can come off looking like a really good friend as a result.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with that unless the intention was to start a romantic relationship.

That is why your conversations need to start with an end goal in mind.

If you want to take the girl out, make sure your conversation leads to that goal. Also, make sure you plan a date as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you might seem like a texting buddy, and whatever you suggest afterward might not be taken seriously.

It's easy learning how to talk to girls, and one of the pointers to keep in mind is that you should make your intentions clear from early on.

As long as you know what the conversation is trying to achieve, you will have the confidence and the right attitude as you talk to any girl.