How To Talk To Anti-maskers And Not Lose Your Mind

How To Talk To Anti-maskers And Not Lose Your Mind

Talking to someone you strongly disagree with is part of life. But with anti-maskers, we have a much bigger issue – the issue of health and wellbeing of the whole human race.

Remember the good old days when the earth was flat? Though it seems like that whole fiasco happened ages ago (not talking about the middle ages), the thing we learned is that people will deny the facts, whenever it fits their narrative.

Before the "earth is flat" movement, which happened in the mid-2010s, we had anti-vaxxers. And again, people know how to use social media, so spreading false statements and panic is easy.

But COVID 19 isn't a joke, and if wearing a mask can reduce it's spreading even for 1 percent, it's better than zero.

Of course, masks and social distancing, as well as cleaning and washing your home with antibacterial products, won't stop the pandemic.

It will slow it down and give the medical staff all over the world a chance to breathe. Literally, doctors, nurses, all the frontline workers can't catch a breath, since there's no way to stop COVID 19. At least for now.

A plain fabric mask isn't as effective as N95. However, it's better than nothing, and protesting against those who recognize that masks are a necessity makes little sense. Considering that we're facing fatalities every single minute.

How do you explain to anti maskers that we're not starting a fashion trend, and that no one cares about taking away their freedoms? Here are some common scenarios and how to respond.

Again, not because you have to talk to anti-maskers or anti-vaxxers. But because they are risking their lives, as well as the lives of all people they come in contact with.

"My cousin says" excuse

how to talk to anti-maskers and not lose your mind

Most anti-maskers have some cousin or friend who is a doctor. But here's the thing: doctors have no idea what they are dealing with.

Some will say that masks are useless, but most agree that they are some form of protection.

Even the most significant scientists still can't tell you much about the virus. YET, we're supposed to be in this together. So, you're not wearing it for yourself, but for the rest of the world.

And if an anti-masker has a doctor nearby, ask them whether their friend or cousin needs a break. If so, we need to slow down the novel coronavirus, and masks are part of it.

Wearing a face mask isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. But, the pollution and the virus are killing us already, so really, where's the discussion?

Anti-maskers and freedom

how to talk to anti-maskers and not lose your mind

The old "don't tell me what to do" is the most common excuse among teenagers. Whenever they have no idea what to do or what to think, they'll tell you the same thing.

Many anti-maskers are confused and scared. So, it's easier to scream "my freedom" or "you're not the boss of me" than to face the music.

Our freedom comes from within, and that's one of the scariest parts of the pandemic.

We don't have control, nor have we any idea what will happen. Finding peace of mind is a luxury because no one feels safe, and when you're in that state of mind, your freedom has gone out of the window.

Those anti-maskers who don't want to listen are facing monetary punishments across the globe. But, money doesn't solve the pandemic, so really, openly expressing your concerns might do a better job than slapping someone's wallet.

Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers

how to talk to anti-maskers and not lose your mind

Oh, the irony! When anti-vaxxers meet anti-maskers, you get the idea of how "the earth is flat" became a thing.

Sorry, but it's the truth: they will start talking about how masks are one way of controlling us and continue screaming that they're not getting "that" vaccine.

Which one? Half of the planet is waiting for the COVID 19 vaccine, and the virus is puzzling even the brightest minds.

Not wearing a face mask to avoid getting a vaccine is like not going out because there's a chance the sky will fall.

The most prominent minds are still arguing whether there will be a vaccine since the test with antibodies aren't giving them the results they hoped for.

There's a chance that the same future COVID 19 vaccines won't be useful, so we will have to deal with the virus for a long time.

It's all up in the air, so, instead of arguing, simply explain that there's no way someone will be forced to get a vaccine. But, remind anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers that millions, if not billions, are praying for that vaccine.

The priority will be people who are more likely to die from COVID 19, but we're talking about the whole planet, not one country.

Where's the vaccine? Let your anti-masker friend know that each day is a gift, and talking about what might be is creating additional hysteria and anxiety.

The "virus is made up" anti-maskers

how to talk to anti-maskers and not lose your mind

Yes, that's still a thing. Some people believe that it's just the flu. Well, it's not, and it's more like SARS than seasonal flu. Your lungs, heart, kidneys, and other organs might never fully recover.

The tests aren't 100 percent accurate, and there is no one way to treat novel coronavirus. However, the whole "this virus doesn't exist" thing is dangerous, and all it takes to prove it wrong is to make one phone call to someone who's dealing with COVID 19 symptoms.

This is not an issue regarding politics, race, religion, or gender. We need to put our differences aside and listen to people who spend their lives devoted to science and medicine.

Suppose you think that being an anti-masker will make you cooler, braver, or smarter than the rest, okay. But, you're taking responsibility for your life and the lives of people you love.

You might not have any symptoms and live in your little bubble. But, will your diabetic friend be just as lucky? Or that pregnant lady next door?

No one knows everything about the virus

how to talk to anti-maskers and not lose your mind

You might feel tired about talking about it, but coronavirus is here to stay, for now. And months after the first cases and first deaths, we still know very little.

Even during the Spanish flu, back in 1918, people were more responsible. The Great War just ended, and yet the survivors didn't question why or when the pandemic would end. They maintained their social distance, and guess what? The same people wore masks.

Anti-maskers will have to accept, hopefully, sooner rather than later, that protesting over something as trivial as covering your mouth and nose isn't worth risking your life.

You can still believe that it's a giant conspiracy theory and that this whole pandemic is a big cover-up.

Maybe that's the truth. But, if there's even the slightest chance to save yourself, why fight it? No one uses condoms because they like how they feel. They aren't 100 percent efficient. Yet, risking your health is stupid.

If you want to breathe and live life to the fullest, take a walk in nature, or go and sit near the water. No one's asking you to wear a mask when you're far from others. Just wear it while shopping, it might help, but it certainly won't kill you.

And for the love of whatever is sacred for you, do not compare wearing a mask to the Nazis or the Holocaust. That just makes you sound unhinged!

Live your best life, with a mask, social distancing and wash your hands!