How To Take Care Of Body Jewelry

You cannot neglect jewelry, whether it's a special occasion or you want to wear it regularly to look more attractive. There are several types of jewelry available in the market, including gold, diamond, silver, and platinum but you should pick what fits best according to your need.

If you are fond of body jewelry, a piercing, or even a fashionable accessory, you must be looking to keep them safe. Gold belly button rings are most popular among girls but taking care of body jewelry is very important for long-lasting without needing to replace it.

Body jewelry always remains exposed to shower soaps, dust, and different chemicals found in water or air. There's a chance that any germs get into it when you touch, pick, or take a shower. Cleaning your body jewelry 1-2 times each month is the best approach.

What Materials Are In My Body Jewelry?

1. Solid 14K Gold -Available in 3 colors: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

2. Titanium - Various pieces of jewelry are constructed of implant-grade titanium ASTM F-136.

How To Clean Jewelry Made Of Solid Gold?

Follow these steps:

1. Be sure to clean your jewelry on a secure surface or in a closed container.

2. Clean your jewelry with a mild soap solution that you make.

3. Place the jewelry in the soap and water mixture and soak it for a minute or two.

4. The jewelry should be carefully scrubbed with a toothbrush before being taken out of the water and rinsed.

5. With a gentle polishing cloth, pat your jewelry dry.

How To Clean Jewelry Made Of Titanium?

Your titanium flat back post will naturally accumulate building over time; after some time, this build-up may begin to bother your ears. Once a week or so, clean them. Titanium jewelry can be cleaned similarly to solid gold body jewelry. It will last longer if cared for and kept sparkling.

4 Care Advice For Body Jewelry

1. Determine the proper body jewelry size.

2. Maintain your body jewelry with care.

3. Careful body jewelry insertion and removal

4. Real friends are loose clothes

Determine The Proper Body Jewelry Size

Knowing the proper size of the jewelry is crucial to finding it for your particular piercings. Especially if you plan to purchase it online.

Maintain Your Body Jewelry With Care

Make routine checks to ensure all jewelry on the body is where it belongs. Taking off the body jewelry before taking a shower or swimming is the greatest protective method.

Careful Body Jewelry Insertion And Removal

Insertion and removal of body jewelry should be done in a well-lit area, ideally on a carpeted floor with adequate light. It's a simple approach to retrieve the tiny balls that might have fallen off unintentionally.

Real Friends Are Loose Clothes

Clothing that can itch or cause discomfort should be avoided with newly pierced body parts or dangling body jewelry.

Cleaning Your Body Jewelry

You can use a standard jewelry cleaner to clean your gold body jewelry. Rinse your jewelry with warm water. When cleaning titanium, surgical steel, or any plated jewelry, a simple mixture of antibacterial hand soap and warm water will do the trick. To gently wash and clean the jewelry, use a toothbrush. If there are any areas where build-up is present, soak them in warm water. In the end, rinse your jewelry again with warm water.


Jewelry must always be cleaned before being stored. The jewelry's lifespan will be extended as a result and your jewelry will look beautiful if you keep it in an airtight container.

Apply Wipes When Cleaning

At the end of the day, wipe the jewelry with wipes or a soft cloth to remove any oils or grime. You can use a fabric-lined case to keep your jewelry safe. Wrap your jewelry with a piece of paper or soft tissue if you keep it in a drawer.

Avoiding Chemicals

Chemicals can significantly fade jewelry's polish and stain the jewelry itself. Even a small amount of perfume spraying can degrade jewelry, diminishing its value. Even bodily oils and sweat can cause your jewelry's shine to become less vibrant.

Avoiding Harsh Weather And Sunlight

Certain materials, notably harmless substances and some plastics, can be bleached away by the sun. Additionally, some diamonds may shatter as a result of abrupt temperature fluctuations. Some diamonds' durability and color may be negatively impacted by prolonged exposure to light. Your jewelry will be protected from the sun's rays with proper storage.

Cotton Buds For The Jewelry's Fine Detailing

Use cotton buds to clean tiny dirt particles lodged between the portions of diamond earrings or pendants. Utilizing soft cloth for delicate jewelry might help keep the polish intact.

Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Jewelry

1. When you can maintain solid gold jewelry away from harsh chemicals, it lasts longer, just like most high-quality body jewelry.

2. Make sure the delicate cloth is free of chemicals.

Belly Button Piercings

Most belly button piercings are performed using a curved barbell, most frequently made of 14k gold, 18k gold, or premium titanium. Most girls enjoy gold belly button rings simply because they are pretty.


Gold with a higher karat value has fewer base metals and is less likely to tarnish. Various base metals are alloyed with gold to make stronger and harder jewelry. The base metals are exposed to oxygen and sulfur, which may cause gold body jewelry to tarnish somewhat over time. When jewelry is exposed to water or chemicals like shampoo and soap, tarnishing occurs more quickly.

It depends on many factors:

1. Sweat

2. Body chemistry

3. Personal care products

4. Pools and hot tubs

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Your body jewelry will make you feel more confident and attractive with proper care. You must keep your body jewelry clean, properly sized, and devoid of harmful substances or contaminants. Do not use dirty jewelry for piercings or rusty, old, or damaged jewelry.