How To Take A Break And Reconnect With Yourself In 2020

How To Take A Break And Reconnect With Yourself In 2020

2020 is the year you have always dreamed about and planned for. The year to take a break from the routines and pressures of your life, and make time to reconnect with your real self. But I hear you say, is this really possible at this time of my life?

If not now, then when?

Slow Down

Many of us have special things we've always wanted to do. For example, take a break from school or work and plan for a holiday with our loved ones. Or simply just focus on new hobbies and talents we've always wanted to work on. The only challenge has been, there is simply no time!

And yes I agree with you that 2020 seems to be moving faster than most past years. I am also aware that it's March already, we are almost a quarter way into the year. But please reconsider that it's never too late to take a break and make that turn.

So, where do I start? You may ask.

Focus On You

What about really listening to your heart and what it wants, your body and how it feels, and your mind for inspiration?

You can only enhance self-care and self-love by paying more attention to what your body is communicating. In 2020, take a break from everything that is pressing hard against your time. Give yourself that needed break when your body begins to call for it.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

We are living in times when exacting ourselves too much as women seem to be like the most fashionable thing to do. Then we end up with a haggard face, bashing ourselves for failing to reach the mirage.

Listen, girls. There's nothing pretty about putting your goals too high and then shooting them all down at the end of the year after failing to reach them.

Let 2020 be the year when you cut yourself some slack and forgive yourself for past failures. Remember to let your hair down and think about the positives you want your life to be about. Let your future goals be something you can and want to achieve.

Revive Your Dreams and Fantasies

I am not referring to the 30-something career and business goals you wrote down at the beginning of 2020 as your new year resolutions. Those that are driving you nuts already.

I'm suggesting that you take a break completely from these, at least just for a moment.

I'm inviting you to slow down your life now. I am hoping you will allow your buried dreams and secret fantasies about life to resurface once more. It is okay to break the routine at times.

Let not the famous quote by motivational speaker and author Les Brown become our sad reality that "the graveyard is the richest place on earth", just because we were too afraid to step aside from the rigors of life.

Living Life from The Inside Out

Finally, girls, I hope that we can start looking at life from the inside out from now on, rather than outward in.

Take a break from life's hassles and do those things you have always dreamed of doing. And when that hideous monster of guilt tells you otherwise, remind yourself that you always come first.

2020 is your time to finally reconnect with yourself and stay true to yourself to the end!