How To Survive Another Wedding When You're Still Single

With spring approaching, the wedding season is also around the corner. This entails warmer weather and fresh air sprinkled with pollen. It is highly probable that you will receive invitations to attend one or even several weddings this year. As a single person who is not interested in finding love, attending multiple wedding ceremonies can become agonizing. However, there is no need to discard the invitation just yet. With preparation, weddings do not have to be such a dreadful experience.


1. Have Your Tantrum

I understand how you feel. It can be disheartening to witness yet another person finding their special someone while you've been using Tinder for months and have yet to find a match that you don't immediately regret swiping right on. It's natural to feel a bit bitter, sad, or hopeless, as long as these feelings don't surface on the day of the wedding or during any wedding-related events. It's acceptable to allow yourself to wallow in your emotions for a day or two. Once you have processed your feelings, you will be less inclined to dwell on them during the wedding ceremony.


2. Be Genuinely Happy For The Couple

Being invited to someone's wedding means being invited to the most significant day of their lives. It is a joyous occasion that the happy couple has chosen to share with you. In essence, it is about them, not you. While this may sound harsh, there is good news: diverting your focus toward someone else's happiness is an immediate remedy for your single woes. By setting aside your personal issues and embracing the couple's love and enthusiasm, your negative emotions will temporarily take a backseat.


3. Treat Yourself

Attending a wedding presents an excellent opportunity to dress up and indulge in activities you might not usually partake in, such as purchasing that stunning dress you've been admiring without feeling any guilt. After all, you're going to a wedding! Looking nice is a must, isn't it? Schedule a hair appointment for a cut and color, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, and go the extra mile to look your best, as it is challenging to feel down when you look absolutely stunning.


4. Enjoy The Cake

There will be an abundance of cake! Not only will you be looking good in your fancy attire, but you will also get to enjoy cake - and it's free! Keep in mind that any day where you can savor cake is an exceptional day.


Dance with abandon because, in reality, NO ONE CARES. Nobody is watching you, judging you, or even paying attention because everyone's attention is primarily on the newlyweds. Take advantage of the dance floor's complete lack of scrutiny to show off your moves. Feel free to do the robot, partake in popping and locking, perform your favorite boy band moves with your pals, and let go of any reservations about being a dancing goof. You won't be able to help but have a fantastic time.


6. Ogle Hot Guys In Suits

I'm not suggesting that you use a wedding as a chance to flirt with guys, but it is an excellent place to admire some serious eye candy because, let's be honest, men in elegant suits or tuxedos are a beautiful and rare sight. So go ahead and enjoy yourself! You can take a look at the groom's best men and rate them based on whose broad shoulders are the most appealing.


7. Plan Something Fun With Friends

Organize a wine-tasting excursion with your pals, plan a weekend getaway in Las Vegas, or opt for a cozy pajama day with a slumber party. Whether it's a big or small gathering, round up some friends and start making plans. Having something to look forward to will keep you from being a total buzzkill at the wedding.