How To Stay Up Really Late For No Other Reason Than Ruining Tomorrow

How To Stay Up Really Late For No Other Reason Than Ruining Tomorrow

Many people enjoy staying up late. And sometimes, being awake for more hours at night will likely affect your productivity on the following day.

So, if you really want to ruin your following day, for no reasonable reason, here are excellent ways to help you stay up even later.

Coffee contains caffeine that makes our minds stay active even when we're feeling exhausted. As well, it helps us stay up. So, substituting your late-night drinking with coffee until 3 am will make you stay up.


When we drink coffee, it'll supply our bodies with caffeine, which can remain in our system for several days. Stay caffeinated until you're muttering to yourself, "why do I do this to myself?" and until your morning alarm goes off.

Destroy Your Internal Clock

You can't stay awake if you have a working sense of time. For instance, If you set your mind that you should always be in bed at 10 pm, every time this hour nears, you'll start feeling sleepy.


So, push back your bedtime an hour every night, for no reason other than ruining the next day.

In the first few days, you might start saying to yourself, "Oh, fuck! This isn't what my body is supposed to do." But you'll do nothing because all you want is to make your tomorrow a hellscape.

You can even feel Monday's dawn as the only perfect time to watch the entire season eight of 'Games of Thrones' or the third season of 'Gossip Girl.'


Do Exhaustive, Irrelevant Research On Topics That Don't Actually Relate To Your Life Or Profession

This step is a must. Do exhaustive or complicated research that doesn't relate to anything in your life. You can do it for fun or just to improve your knowledge.

You can start by reading the "Early life" section of Rachel Weisz's Wikipedia page. Then click on the BBC website and read about parakeet flight patterns.

It doesn't matter whether you understand the context or not. The idea is to keep your mind active to avoid getting sleepy.


And when you prevent your body from getting that nap it really needs, the following day will be a total ruin for you.

Refuse To Learn From Experience

Forget the moments you dozed off while reading, making a salad, or replying to an urgent email to your boss. Or that day you dozed off and dropped your expensive smartphone in the subway.

Because the best way to stay up for no good reason, just to ruin way following day, is forgetting all the bad experiences you've gone through when you dozed off while working or when you were supposed to be attentive.


Think About How You Could Use Your Nights Learning A New Language Instead Of Sleeping

Most people are obsessive about learning a new language but can't get the time. Perhaps due to their busy schedules throughout the day.

So, why not use your night to learn that speech you've always wanted to be fluent in.

With these tips to make your workday a waking dream, you can be sure your following day will be a total disaster.