How To Stay Interested Even After The Chase Is Over


You may not have obtained him yet, but you will eventually. However, once you have received your prize, the excitement of the game subsides, and you crave to play again with someone new. This behavior, as it turns out, is not a healthy way to live. To transition from the thrill of the chase to genuine relationship territory, consider the following steps:

1. Stop Fearing Commitment

To avoid ending up alone, it's crucial to overcome your reluctance to commit. While casual dating may bring temporary satisfaction, it won't last forever. Eventually, you'll desire more than just casual flings, but fear might hold you back.

2. Find Confidence

Do you fear that the person you commit to won't accept the real you? While pursuing someone, you tend to showcase your best version, which may not be entirely authentic. It's crucial to embrace your true self and gain happiness and confidence in it before committing to someone. Only then can you form a genuine connection with someone who appreciates you for who you truly are.

3. Stop Taking The Easy Way Out

As delightful as it may seem, the chase is a passive approach to relationships. Building genuine connections requires effort and dedication, so avoid delaying your chance at lasting happiness. Chasing after random individuals is a mere waste of time. Instead, focus on committing to something meaningful and enduring, even during challenging times, to attain true fulfillment.

4. Learn To Lean On Others

While being an independent woman is commendable, it's also acceptable to depend on others occasionally. Relationships are partnerships that require mutual support and reliance. When the emotional burden becomes overwhelming, it's essential to share the load and seek comfort from your partner.

5. Quit The Competition

You're not in competition with other women for a limited number of men - there are plenty to go around. Instead of treating men as trophies, focus on building genuine connections. Winning in the dating game doesn't mean acquiring a partner for the sake of it, but rather finding true love and reaching the finish line together, hand in hand.

6. Find A New Adrenaline Rush

The excitement of the chase may seem necessary, but it's not the only way to feel fulfilled. Have you considered finding a different source of adrenaline rush? Activities like exercise, work, or even video games can provide a great high. Eventually, you'll move past the chase and discover excitement in simply being with the person you love.

7. Delight In The Firsts

The initial excitement of new experiences can fade, leaving you feeling bored. However, it's important to remember that life is full of firsts, and they never truly run out. From the first kiss to the first time you spend a weekend together, or even the first house or child, the list of firsts is endless. Rather than focusing solely on the initial excitement, embrace the journey of firsts with your partner.

8. Change Your Challenge

While pursuing a new person and winning them over may seem like a challenge, it's not the ultimate one. The true challenge lies in committing to and loving the same person for decades, choosing them every day. The real heroes of the dating world are the couples who have found happiness in a lifelong commitment.

9. Find Your Self-worth

Your self-worth shouldn't depend on the number of men you've dated or the experiences you've had. You don't need a man to validate your worth or give your life meaning. Until you recognize your own value and deserve to be loved, you'll continue to push love away.

10. Make Yourself Emotionally Available

If you don't reach the commitment stage of a relationship, you won't give yourself the opportunity to truly open up to someone. However, you need to ask yourself if you're truly ready for that level of vulnerability. Perhaps you push guys away because you're afraid of letting them in. Before committing to someone else, it's important to focus on healing and improving yourself. Instead of constantly chasing after guys, take the time to focus on your own growth and well-being.