How To Show Your Love Without A Gift

How To Show Your Love Without A Gift

You're willing to go to great lengths for that special someone. We get it. You're thinking about buying a gift to show your love for them. You might want to second guess that decision. While giving them a gift is nice, it's only temporary. What if your significant other doesn't want gifts and just wants to spend time with you?

For your partner to truly appreciate your love, you need to create memories and experiences that they can cherish for a lifetime. Lucky for you, we have come up with several different ways to do that without giving gifts.


Text them during the day

Isn't it nice knowing that someone you love is thinking about you the entire day? Show how much you care about them by texting them throughout the day. It can be as simple as "good luck in that meeting" to "I'm so lucky that you're with me."

It'll help both of you guys get through a boring day and also have fun in the process. You can get creative with your texts, and it's a simple way of showing love without giving them a gift!


Write and leave hand-written notes about

You want to show how much you love them by handwriting small notes and placing them in various places in the house. You can use post-its for it. You can also put these notes in their lunch.

This is a fun and creative way of bringing a smile to their face. Really think about what you love about them and write it down. It can't get any simpler than this. This is another great way of expressing the love you have without gift-giving.


Take them out on a spontaneous date

Surprise your partner by taking them on a spontaneous date. You don't have to think about it too much. Just do whatever comes to the top of your head.

If you don't want to do that, just take them to their favorite restaurant or that place you guys meant to go to. Your partner will appreciate the gesture, and it'll show how much you love them. Just drop what you're doing, go out, and have a good time. It's an awesome idea that doesn't involve gifts.


Focus on their interests

If you want to express your love to them, then take an interest in what they like to do. Hopefully, you both have similar interests and will enjoy it together. If not, then learn to enjoy their favorite things and soldier on through them. This will not only show that you care for them, but it'll also let you engage your partner in the interests that you like. Win-win.


Besides, maybe you'll start liking those activities and it'll make the company that much more enjoyable. You'll earn a lot of brownie points, and the best part is no buying gifts. Yay!

Cook for them

Everyone knows that cooking is romantic. Surprise your partner with a nice dinner that you've made for them. Your significant other will love that you took the time to make them their favorite meal, especially after a long day. Better yet, involve them and cook together. Just don't burn anything.


Jokes aside, they'll enjoy the experience and who knows - you may even learn a new skill. Cooking can be an amazing way to grow closer and love each other more without springing for an expensive gift.

Have a long and intimate conversation with them

When was the last time you looked up from your phone and actually talked to your partner? Pour yourself a glass and sit down to have a deep and meaningful conversation with them. It can be about anything and everything.


Opening up to them and getting it out there not only shows that you're willing to trust them with your emotions and secrets, but it also strengthens the love between the two of you. Gifts are fine, but nothing beats a good and emotional conversation.

Plan a surprise weekend trip

Do you know what's exciting and fun? Planning a weekend getaway and surprising your significant other. This is a great way to escape the boring routine and also give something to look forward to for both of you.


A trip will give you the chance to reconnect with your partner and express your love for them. Try to pick their favorite destination to go to. It could be a cute little Bed & Breakfast place, road trip, a hike, etc. You have endless possibilities here, and it beats the heck out of a gift any day.

Do the chores in the house

This is for the grown-ups out there. If you want to say I love you to your partner, then do the chores and clean up around the house every once in a while. Do this while they're out of the house and surprise them with a clean house with the laundry and dishes done.


You'll definitely see their faces light up when they see the house. Show them that you're responsible and capable of taking care of the house. It's a major turn-on, and you don't even need a gift for that!

Give them compliments

Everyone likes to receive compliments now and then. Your partner is no different. It shows that you're appreciative of them. Compliment them when they try on something new or when they achieve a goal or promotion.


You don't even have to wait for something to change. Compliment them by saying things like "you look nice today" or "I can lose myself in your eyes." It'll brighten their day and they will think about it for a long time. These little things will show how much you love them.

Talk about how their day went

A simple way of showing your partner you love them is by asking about their day. Pop open a bottle of wine or a can of a soft drink if you're younger and genuinely listen to what your partner has to say.


It could be about your partner's boss, their friend, or an interesting thing that happened at work. Just be curious and take an interest in how their day went. It'll show that you're interested in her life outside the relationship and want to share more things with you.


There you go. Follow these ten tips, and you can rest assured that your partner will know how much you love them. Love doesn't have to be about giving gifts. It's the little things you do that count. Now go ahead and make your partner feel loved.