How To Show A Guy You Like Him Over Text

Text communication requires mastery of certain skills, as the recipient is unable to observe your nonverbal cues or listen to your tone of voice, unlike in phone or in-person conversations.

When communicating through text, you must solely depend on the unemotional letters displayed on the screen. While you can incorporate an emoji to inject a bit of emotion, excessive use of these symbols can make you appear immature.

That's why expressing romantic interest in someone through text can be so challenging. With many potential pitfalls, we're here to guide you through the process.


Ask him questions about himself and his interests

If we were to inquire about the texts that made you feel the most valued, you would likely choose those where the sender inquires about you. This demonstrates their interest in you and your personal experiences, highlighting their consideration towards you.

Similarly, asking questions of this nature conveys to the person you are interested in that you are eager to learn about them. Additionally, it is a courteous gesture to show genuine interest in others.

However, it is important to be cautious about asking too many or too personal questions. If you have just met someone, inquiring about intimate details like marriage plans may be excessive. Overloading them with inquiries can also make you seem overly fixated.

Just as you carefully add spices to a dish, your questions should be incorporated in a balanced manner throughout the conversation.

When he texts you, pay attention and respond accordingly

Let's take a moment to consider it from a different angle. What types of conversation topics are irritating to you?

We dislike when someone asks a question but doesn't seem interested in the response. They may ignore it and steer the conversation in another direction, or dismiss it with a minimalistic "k."

Remember this when posing questions to him. Pay attention to his response and engage with it. Use it to maintain the flow of the conversation.

This demonstrates that you're not merely inquiring for the sake of impressing him, but that his thoughts and opinions truly hold significance to you.

Occasionally, let him text you first

We understand your thoughts: if you aim to express your affection for him, wouldn't it be appropriate for you to initiate the interaction?

Not necessarily. While taking the initiative and reaching out to him can boost your confidence and flatter him, continuously doing so can make it too comfortable for him. If he realizes that he can simply wait for you to initiate contact, he may become too relaxed.

Occasionally, allow him to initiate the text conversation. This not only allows him to experience the excitement of pursuing you, but also motivates him to actively engage in the conversation.

That's a perfect example of accomplishing two goals with one action!

Let him know when you're thinking about him…sometimes

Occasionally, you may need to be a bit more daring in your conversations. However, if you are not yet well-acquainted with him, it does not mean you should reveal all your intimate details to him.

But, playfully and flirtatiously letting him know that he has been on your mind occasionally will boost his confidence and bring a smile to his face.

For example, you could inform him if you recently came across a song that you believe he would enjoy. Or, you could share your thoughts about a show or movie that he suggested to you and you finally got around to watching.

These small pieces of information demonstrate that he is present in your thoughts. They may also serve as a subtle hint to a clueless guy that you enjoy considering him.

Send him selfies

Occasionally, a charming photo is all that's required to bring a smile to your face. Just imagine the numerous times a meme or an adorable image of an animal has brightened your day.

Sending occasional pictures of yourself can show him that you're interested and bring a smile to his face. However, sending selfies every day might make you come across as self-absorbed. A balanced approach is key.

Additionally, sending him a picture serves as a gentle reminder of your beauty and charm.

Try to make him laugh or smile

Similarly, incorporating humor into your text conversations with the guy you like can help build a stronger connection between you two. Laughter creates a positive, light-hearted atmosphere and makes for a more enjoyable conversation. So don't be afraid to be silly and make a joke every now and then.

If you can bring a chuckle or a smile to his face, it can foster a positive and uplifting connection with him. Your ability to make him laugh can make him want to continue talking to you and enjoy your company more often.

To make him laugh, the approach you take depends on your level of familiarity with him. If you have some understanding of his likes and dislikes, then finding humor related to these topics is quite straightforward. Simply search the internet for memes that pertain to his interests and hobbies.

If you don't have much knowledge of his interests, you can still spread some positivity and bring a smile to his face through a lighthearted text. Simply let him know if you come across a humorous video that you think would bring a couple of laughs.

Don't know what to say to him? Don't stress, there are experts who are skilled in the art of conversation and can assist you in transforming a dull exchange into a successful one. If you require additional support, consider checking out the Text Chemistry program for some useful tips.

The Text Chemistry program is a texting course designed by Amy North, a relationship coach. Utilizing her extensive knowledge, she has created a collection of text templates that you can send to a man to fully engage and captivate him.


Just as there are certain actions that are beneficial in text conversations, there are also certain behaviors that should be avoided. Let's examine some of these negative practices now...

Waiting for every possible opportunity to talk about yourself

Have you ever experienced a conversation where you could sense the other person was just counting down the seconds until they could interject? It can be incredibly frustrating.

When communicating in person, their eagerness to speak is often reflected in their body language, such as foot tapping, phone checking, or responding with unenthusiastic "uh-huhs" or "yeahs." However, in a text-based conversation, their impatience is exhibited through their monosyllabic answers, followed by quickly changing the subject.

Avoid being that type of individual. If you're interested in the man, you should genuinely enjoy engaging in conversation with him. This involves taking the time to listen attentively and genuinely consider what he has to say.

Answering the very same moment he texts you

While it's important to savor the conversation, this doesn't mean putting yourself down in front of him. Avoid the urge to hastily reply within moments of receiving a text from him every time.

By acting in this manner, you give the impression that you don't have a fulfilling life outside of the conversation with him. This can lead him to envision you as someone who is constantly fixated on their phone, eagerly awaiting his next message.

It's important to take a break every once in a while. Don't feel the need to immediately respond to every text he sends. Allowing some time to pass between messages will increase his pursuit and demonstrate that you have a life outside of the conversation with him.

Making him feel bad for not texting you back right away

When a man takes a prolonged period of time to reply, it can cause feelings of anxiety and impatience. Your mind may begin to race with negative thoughts and worries.

You might start to wonder if he's speaking with someone else, if he's purposely avoiding you, or if something you said has made him lose interest. These insecurities can be overwhelming.

These worries can quickly spiral out of control and trigger our insecurities. You might feel compelled to send multiple messages in a row, inquire about his whereabouts, or reveal feelings of loneliness. All of these actions can stem from insecurity.

Take a step back and resist the urge to act impulsively. In most cases, the reason for his delayed response is simply because he is occupied with other tasks. Don't let your insecurities take control.

Sending him one-word messages

Maintaining engaging conversations through text can be challenging enough, so don't make it more difficult by sending cryptic, single-word messages.

Think of conversations as a climb up a rock wall. Sending one-word texts is like trying to grip onto a smooth surface - it's nearly impossible to maintain traction. This can cause your partner to lose their footing in the conversation and eventually disengage entirely.

Your conversation is a collaborative effort. Ensure that you are offering supportive elements for your partner to build on, and if they possess any social savvy, they will do the same for you.

Keep yourself from getting too negative

We all have our ups and downs, and sometimes those downs can last for a week or even a month.

Avoid unloading all your negative emotions on the guy unless you have a long-standing relationship with him. He's not a therapist, but it's okay to confide in him from time to time.

Maintain positivity in the early stages of your relationship and respect your partner's emotional space. Build the connection first before opening up about negative emotions.

Pouring all your deepest feelings out to him

It's important to keep your deeper emotions in check, especially when it comes to attraction. Don't reveal the full extent of your feelings too soon in the relationship. It's better to build a connection and get to know each other before diving into deeper emotions.

Don't reveal these intense emotions too soon. Let the relationship develop and mature naturally before sharing such deeply personal feelings. Doing so too early can put unnecessary pressure on the relationship and could potentially push the guy away.

However, it's important to keep in mind that revealing your deepest feelings too soon can be overwhelming for the other person. Take it slow and let the relationship develop naturally. Enjoy the journey and build a strong connection before expressing your full feelings.

It's great to be in love, but revealing deep emotions too soon in a relationship can be overwhelming and put pressure on both parties.

It's difficult to determine when it's too soon to share deep feelings in a relationship, as it varies for each individual. The pace of the relationship should be based on the comfort and readiness of both parties.